We have a winner!

A couple of weeks ago, I announced that we were having a contest to create an “I Voted” badge for Red Wings fans to display on their blogs and/or MySpace profile(s).

drw-all-star-badge1To add this badge to your blog, MySpace profile or other social networking profile, simply copy and paste the following HTML code inside the quotation marks:

“<A HREF=”http://fanballoting.nhl.com/”><IMG SRC=”https://hockeytownusa.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/drw-all-star-badge1.jpg”></A>&#8221;

The winner of the contest is Natasha Wescoat, an accomplished artist and resident of Bay City, Michigan.

As our thanks to Natasha for creating such a great piece of original artwork for our fans to use, we are sending her an autographed photo of Henrik Zetterberg!

The badge is hyperlinked to direct anyone who clicks on it to the official NHL Fan Balloting site  on NHL.com where they can vote up to 1,000 per day. This is a great way to remind friends on social networks and people who read your blog to vote, and vote often, for their favorite Red Wings.
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I am the Creative Content Coordinator for the Detroit Red Wings and editor of the Official Hockeytown Blog for the Detroit Red Wings.
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