Winter Classic poster giveaway tonight when the Red Wings host the Minnesota Wild

Tonight at The Joe fans in attendance will receive a complimentary Red Wings team Winter Classic poster courtesy of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. 

This is a great way for fans and collectors to remember their favorite team decked out in their limited edition gear. 

The poster measures 19″ x 24″ but I thought I would hold it up for you in the above picture here to give everyone a general idea of the item’s size and quality. The sun was definitely bright for most of the week leading up to the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field despite the frigid temperatures and this poster really captures that.

Upcoming promotions and events include:

Ted Lindsay book signing on Sunday, Feb. 15 when the Red Wings host the Colorado Avalanche. The book, Seven: A Salute to Ted Lindsay is available for purchase in the arena, or online at Amazon. This game is already sold out, but fans will have other opportunities to meet this Red Wings legend. Ted Lindsay will return to the Joe for book signings on Wednesday, Feb. 18 when the Red Wings host the Nashville Predators, on Apr. 5 when the Wild are back in town, and again on Apr. 9 when the  Red Wings host the Nashville Predators.

Kids knit hat giveaway on Wednesday, Feb. 18 when the Red Wings host the Nashville Predators. The first 3,000 kids under age 14 will receive a Red Wings knit hat. 

Stay tuned for more promos and giveaways, including Gordie Howe book signings for Nine: A Salute to Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe, as we move closer to the playoffs!

Since so many of our fans live in far away places and can only rarely make it to the Joe to see the Red Wings play, what are some ways we can share the in-arena experience with out of market fans? Although teams like to thank fans who show up to the arena in support of their favorite team, how can we share these things with those in far away places who are only ever here in spirit?

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2 Responses to Winter Classic poster giveaway tonight when the Red Wings host the Minnesota Wild

  1. BettorFan says:

    3 Ideas:
    1) During intermission you can broadcast on the big screen an out of town group at a bar. This way even though they could be in a different state, they would be almost “on the ice” and everyone in attendance can see them.
    2) Sell/Giveaway Special Out of Town Fan shirts
    3) Ship ’em ice.

  2. JoanneS says:

    1st off – I didn’t laugh at the picture 🙂 On the giveaways – giving to people in other markets generally adds cost through postage – maybe send stuff to those registered for the newsletter occassionally? Or have exclusive downloads for registered users? Also, do you think that might make fans at the game feel a little less ‘special’ when they get something free at the game that others are getting elsewhere? Part of the value of the giveaway is that only those who are there get the item.

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