Pictures from the Season Ticket Holder Away Game Viewing Party


Last week several fans gathered with Red Wings season ticket holders at Buffalo Wild Wings in Livonia to watch the Red Wings defeat the Avalanche 3-2 in Colorado. 

Many fans also participated in games of trivia and chance and several went home with great prizes like autographed pucks, special edition Red Wings merchandise and other great giveaways. 



















Getting together with friends and family at your favorite spot is a great way to take in a game.

Where do you like to watch Red Wings games? We’re interested to know where Wings fans gather together, whether you live in Hockeytown or some other location in the world.

Red Wings fans unite!

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5 Responses to Pictures from the Season Ticket Holder Away Game Viewing Party

  1. *Sigh* This looks absolutely AWESOME! This is one of the biggest things I miss out here in Seattle. I would love to have a sporting community that is ready to rally around our hometown team with events like these.

    Looks like fun was had by all. Let’s keep these parties going all the way through a Stanley Cup Championship!!! GO WINGS!

    • Or maybe I can just come back to Motown. 🙂

      I’ll be around the first weekend in May, so hopefully we will be going strong in the playoffs and I can make one of these!

  2. i live in Toronto so you can imagine how hard it is to watch the greatest team in sports…of course i refer to the Wings, NOT the Leafs.

    however, there is a small location in this city where they know how great the Wings are and proudly support the team. The Detroit Eatery is a diner packed with Wings memorabilia. it’s so popular that Kris Draper has stopped by many times and even brought the Cup with him!

    i went there for my birthday this past January and it was by far the best way to celebrate getting old. here’s some pics…

  3. Sean says:

    When I found about this party, I was really excited since BW is pretty my favorite non-downtown place to watch a game anyway, downtown I like Cobo Joe’s and Joe Louis of course.

    I thought the group did a great job and everyone had a good time. Course, I am a little biased since I won a Chelios autographed puck by guessing that Filppula would score that night. I am the fat guy with the puck (and @davemurr pointing to it) in the pictures above. There were lots of prize packs given away and I also got a Winter Classic program just for being there.

    Keep me on the list for the next party, good chance I will be there.

  4. DaveMurr says:

    Lets see.. Garlic Parmesan Wings, beer, Wing Fans and least of all GoldenTee 2009 = HEAVEN!! Pure heaven! This was a lot of fun. Its great to be back in Hockey Town and the fans here are true hockey lovers. Not to take anything away from Arizona, but it just was not the same out there.

    It was great connecting face to face w/ Sean (@sspitsbergen) and congrats to him for wining a puck. I’m kicking myself for not putting down Draper as I would have won some Red Wing swag, but there is always next time!

    BW is the perfect place to host these parties – lots of room and second hand smoke is minimal. Would be happy to attend the next party!

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