Around the Rink – June 12th Edition

D065241004.JPGPhoto by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images

After falling short in Game 6 on Tuesday, the Detroit Red Wings will battle for the Stanley Cup tonight at Joe Louis Arena against the Pittsburgh Penguins. In the best of one, the winner takes all.

Game 7 Destiny

When one bounce of the puck, one misstep, or one penalty can change the momentum and outcome of this game, players’ decisions are magnified in Game 7 situations. Everything that this team has worked so hard for this season has boiled down to tonight’s game. The Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski says that the Wings need to find every last ounce of energy and use it if they want to repeat. Defenseman Niklas Kronwall talked to The Detroit News about how special this game, and opportunity, truly is. According to the Detroit Free Press, the players are just trying to stick with their normal game-day schedule — no need to get fancy now.

Home-ice advantage will be huge for the Wings and all the fans attending tonight’s contest better bring their A-game! With the statistics leaning favorably to Detroit, the Penguins aren’t trying to make a big deal about their efforts to buck that trend.

A lot of pressure will be placed squarely on the shoulders of netminder Chris Osgood, forward Marian Hossa, coach Mike Babcock, Pittsburgh’s goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, and Penguins captain Sidney Crosby. And it’s not just the players feeling the pressure — the fans are stressing out too. Abel to Yzerman, Hockeytown Static, Bingo Bango, and On the Wings discuss their battle with nerves.

Win or lose, it’s been a wonderful season but we’re sure hoping our boys can pull out a win tonight and become back-to-back champs!

In Other News

The Detroit News writes about the impact the Wings have on the city during these troubled economic times.

The 2008-09 season may end tonight, but you can sign up for 2009-10 Red Wings season tickets today.

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14 Responses to Around the Rink – June 12th Edition

  1. A Fan says:

    What happened to the RedWings that showed up in game 6. I still love you guys but you got to admit that you were out played the whole game. Maybe next year. I am still a die hard RedWings fan. Have a great summer. Think about it this summer and kick some a next year. Love you guys.

  2. PensWin says:


  3. PensWin says:


  4. JM says:

    For a Year maybe, GOOOO! WINGS!
    Thanks for another GREAT YEAR!

  5. pens are great says:

    to all the redwing fans sorry about all your loss but the refs finnally had to play by the rules along with the wings thanks hossa what does it fill like to be on a losing team GREAT JOB PENS LETS DO IT AGAIN

  6. Bryan Landru says:

    THANKS to all the PLAYERS and STAFF of the REDWINGS for another GREAT YEAR.
    I believe that there was a couple of small mistakes that led to the loss, EX: JUSTIN ABDELKADER should have playeed a lot more ( Special teams & Third Line ), The Shifts where too Long, Spent too much time passing puck around the pens net and most of the pressure and Blame was and is on OSSGOOD! OZZIE is a Huge Assest to the REDWINGS, he is one of the main REASONS there was a game 7, people don`t forget that…
    Some things that led to the Pens Unfortunate Victory where not in the REDWINGS hands, EX: The Call on Ericsson in game 3 for Holding or Interrference with 3 mins to go in the third period when the game was tied at 2-2, Everyone knows that that game was heading for overtime and DETROIT would have scored and to the lead 3-0 but the REFS did what they do best which is even the odds for the Pens and call bullshit penalties on the REDWINGS, The decisoin by Gary Bettmen who the biggest descrase to the NHL, to let Malkin play in Game 4, after the REFS had ruled that Malkin was the Instagator in game 3, and that it was an automatic suspension for the next game, the shoot in by the pens that led to the first goal was clearly icing but the REFS yet again do not call it because it would have stopped play for the pens and at that time they had Momentum, and last the REFS did not mind calling offside over and over again on the WINGS everytime that they had some Momentum.
    I am and always will be a TRUE REDWINGS FAN no matter what.

    Fact in 2010 the REDWINGS WILL BE THE CHAPMS,STANLEY CUP CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  7. Sportsman says:

    Did I see this correctly ? Corsby did not go thourgh the hand shake line after the game last night. Maybe I missed it but, he did not he should be fined and run thourgh the ringer by NHL. History is what the NHL is all about . this kid is a disgrace to great NHL players of all time . He also was slapping his stick at the feet of Wings players after the game 1 and 2 as the Wings were going out to meet Osgood after the win.

    This set a super poor example for kids, I do not want my boys growing up like him. No matter how much money he makes. I would hope his family is ashamed.

    Corsby is a very bad sport even in victory, he is not the best player in the NHL and will never be an all time great like everyone seems to think.


  8. Thomas Rae says:

    As a fan of the NHL for over 50 years and brought up in the rich tradition of Detroit Red Wing hockey I can’t believe the “poster child” of our beloved sport gets a free pass! Apparently our boy “Sid the Kid” can ignore tradition and do whatever he chooses now that he is captain of the “reigning Stanley Cup champions”! Didn’t anyone notice his absence from the handshake line following the game? The video on this very website shows Nick Lidstrom (leading his line in the long tradition of being an NHL captain) waiting a good ten seconds for the Pen’s child-captain. He never showed until there was remaining four Red Wings and their coaches, one of which was Franzen who third in line patiently waited to extend his congrats. If this is an indication of what we can expect from the next elite hockey dynasty then I guess it’s time to tune in to end-zone celebrations and basketball dunking contests. I’ve long suspected him to be a bit “spoiled” but now he’s fooling with a tradition much bigger than he’ll ever dream of being. Equally disturbing is that he is a “Canadien” who apparently has been “Americanized” in his creative license “to do whatever” and with that I say go for Alex, Evgeni and Pavel and bury the “face of the game”. He might want to check with Wayne, Mark and Stevie as to what leadership is all about.

  9. Mike says:

    As a Penguin Fan living in Detroit, It was sure nice to go to some bars after the game and see all the Red Wing fans all dressed in their jersey’s and shirts to see them drowning there sorrows in beer! 🙂 Congrats to the Penguins!

  10. Bob says:

    It was disgracefull that the fans in Detroit booed the Penguins at the end of the game last night. It was a classless show of unsportsmanlike behavior!

    The Red Wing players showed their class even in defeat. Our hats are off to them and the RW fans that stayed and cheered the Pens.

    • vlad says:

      What is discracefull is that the leader of the penguins didn’t have the sportsmanship to shake the hand of every opponet after they won. Is it possible the traditioned, seasoned fans in Detroit were booing the poor sportsmanship of Crosby and the slashing and dirty play that happened in game 5. The Penguins didn’t earn the cup Bettman gave it to them. The officiating, the scheduling, Bettman gave his posterboy exactly what he needed. Come on, as soon as the wings beat Chicago, and has a couple of plyers injured, he decides to move the schedule up and make it a back to back ! When has that ever happened in the history of the NHL. They won those to games, but I think it took a lot out of them. I agree with letting the players play hockey in the playoffs, but when it comes to slashing, highstcking, and diving ontop of a puck in the defensive zone (which is a delay of game penalty. That happened twice in the last minutes of game seven). I think the fans were probably booing Bettman, the officials, and Crosby. My best friend has been a Penguins fan from way back. When thay won the cup with Mario, I gave him props, but this time I told him congratulations to you, but not the Penguins

  11. Jay Dubbe says:

    I wonder how much Brad Stuart got paid to throw the game? Looked like he gave the puck away every time.

    Hudler was a total no-show…..let’s deal him off to some suckers.

    Datsyuk is great in the regular season, but it seems he can’t handle the pressure of the playoffs. Zetterberg carried the Wings on his back last season, and it looks like he did it again in this playoff run (regardless of Datsyuk’s injury).

    God bless Kris Draper. An old timer, yet he still hustles and even scored a goal in the finals.

  12. J.M. says:

    I am so disappointed in Kris Draper. I really thought he was much classier than that. Maybe Sid’s first concern wasn’t YOU, Draper, maybe it was that he’d JUST WON THE STANLEY CUP. To be honest I’m not even really a fan of Crosby (admire his skills of course but dislike him for a few reasons) but COME ON. He’s just an easy target at this point. Draper buddy, you reek of sour grapes.

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