Around the Rink – June 15th Edition

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The Detroit Red Wings failed to repeat as Stanley Cup champions when they fell to the Pittsburgh Penguins in a tight 2-1 loss in Game 7. It was obviously a very disappointing loss after the team had grabbed a 2-0 series lead and later held a 3-2 advantage in the finals. The Wings will look to regroup next season and try to take back the Cup from Pittsburgh.

Postseason Recap

The Wings fought hard, but the tired and injured squad could not overcome a hungry, healthier Pittsburgh team.

The Wings lost Game 7, but it wasn’t because of their netminder Chris Osgood. Ozzie had a fantastic postseason, recording amazing numbers which include a 15-8 playoff record, 2.01 GAA, and a .926 save percentage.

Forward Marian Hossa signed a one-year deal with the Wings during the last offseason, believing that the Wings gave him the best shot at winning the Stanley Cup this season. Unfortunately for Hossa, his former team defeated the Wings leaving Hossa without a Cup for another year. Even so, Hossa says he has no regrets.

If anything, this postseason showed us that the Wings have some fantastic up-and-comers in the pipeline including the likes of Darren Helm and Jonathan Ericsson.


First, the players will take much needed vacations as they try to let their bodies recover and heal up from a grueling 114 games this season.

The 2009 NHL Entry Draft kicks off on June 26th. Which players will Detroit take when the brain trust walks on the stage in Montreal?

GM Ken Holland has a lot to think about in the coming weeks. Does he re-sign Marian Hossa, Jiri Hudler, and Mikael Samuelsson (he won’t be able to keep all three due to the salary cap)?

Wings Vice president Steve Yzerman has to name the head coach for Team Canada for the 2010 Winter Olympics by the end of the month. Will he tab Wings head coach Mike Babcock for the position?

Thank You Fans

The Detroit Red Wings organization would like to thank all of its fans for supporting the team this season and into the long playoff run. Hockeytown has the best fans in the world and we could not have done it without you! We will continue to update Hockeytown Blog throughout the summer so please keep stopping by and commenting on our posts. Go Wings!

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15 Responses to Around the Rink – June 15th Edition

  1. Chicago Fan says:

    I absolutely love the Red Wings, I have since they acquired Chris Chelios (I’m from Chicago and my loyalties followed Cheli). I wanted this Cup for the Wings so badly I was able to taste it and was just devastated when they didn’t win, mainly for Ozzie, he deserved the MVP more than anyone (there should be a special award for Lidstrom and what he endured!).

    At any rate the point I’m trying to make in my rambling is that while Hossa was a good player he flipping disappeared against the Penguins; leaving me with not a whole lot of sympathy for the back to back loss for him. I personally would’ve liked to have seen him as a healthy scratch at some point during the series and had a player that was actually scoring in the line up, such as Abdelkader.

    Regardless of the moves made by management I am looking forward to the 09-10 season and can’t wait for the Wings to be back in action.


  2. beanie168 says:

    Thank you to the classiest, most professional and hard working team,coaches, trainers and mgt in the world.

  3. jamiefavreau says:

    Thank you for a great season and for Nick Lidstrom for being the tireless warrior he is. This was the best of times and the worst of times. We learn from our mistakes and hopefully the agony of defeat means the journey no matter how tough it is…Will be worth it the next time.
    Great season guys! Thanks for the ride and thank you for being the positive in Detroit!

  4. MsRedWings says:

    I look forward to next season with great anticipation! Rest up guys….you deserve it and in my heart I know you are the classiest, most skilled team in the NHL, no matter who has the cup.

  5. Bryan says:

    The Wings had a great year but the “falling short” was very preventable. Our defense look old and beat up. There has to be some changes to prevent the number of turnovers we have in the Finals. There is noway we should not sign Jiri Hudler and Mikael Samuelsson. I know Ken Holland will put together another great hockey club. I am not sure we will get to the cup final but we are in shape to go deep into the playoffs for years to come.

  6. B.Myers says:

    What a great season! The worst part of not winning the cup was seeing our guys hearts get broken when they were so close. It was was more painful to see thier disappointment than to not get the Cup. The Wings will rock again, no worries!

  7. bob says:

    I’m insulted by the comments that Kris Draper made about Sidney Crosby not shaking hands after game 7.

    He has to be the biggest sore-losers I’ve ever seen. Go back a year ago I didn’t see any of the Penquins complaining about the Detoit celebration. They waited it out and then shook hands. Thanked their fans then left the ice.

    If they wanted to leave the ice early that’s their problem. Kris tarnished what turned out to be a great series. If you can’t handle losing Kris maybe you should pack it in.

    Thanks Detoit for a great playoff and maybe you’ll have a chance next year.

  8. Chicago Fan says:

    I’m not at all insulted by Draper’s or Zetterberg’s comments about Crosby (who by the whined that the Cup was too heavy, a professionaly athlete should be able to lift a heck of a lot more than 35 lbs. with ease!).

    It was disrespectful for Crosby as Captain of his team to blow off Lidstrom the Captain of the Wings. I don’t care how over joyed the kid was, you acknowledge the other team, there are no excuses. It showed immaturity, lack of class and sportsmanship on Crosby’s part.

    As for the Penguins not complaining about the Red Wings celebrating on their home ice last year, that’s simply because there was nothing to complain about as everyone here has pointed out and I am more than in agreement with; the Red Wings are one of the classiest teams in the league (if not THE classiest!).

    Again, thank you Red Wings for an amazing season!

    • UK Avs Fan says:

      Crosby actually said it was heavier than he expected, not that it was too heavy – nice journalistic editing on your part.

      As an impartial hockey fan, I can’t help but wonder what Lidstrom had planned which meant he had to rush off?!? When you think off it like that, it becomes that one player got caught up in winning his first Lord Stanley, for a couple of minutes (not long, let’s be honest), and one player didn’t want to stay around and watch another team celebrate. I completely understand that, being extremely competitive is in Lidstroms nature, but that should be the end of it, no bleating from either side, no keeping it going. I’m sure Sid would understand, and I’m sure Nick would prefer it was forgotten too.

      As a Avs fan, I’m meant to dislike the Wings, but how can any hokey fan not respect their consistent high level of performance in the last 15 years+? Well done Detroit on yet another fantastic season, you were awesome in the regular season, and not far short in the playoffs

      As for your comments Blackhawk fan, I think that they show “immaturity, lack of class and sportsmanship” on your part. Bleating of any sort in sport looks like whinging, so suck it up. If the players have a problem and something to say, they should say it on the ice. One of the reasons I love hockey is the respect aspect, something lacking in many other huge sports, if hockey looses that, it’ll be just like the other sports with overpaid whingers.

      Anyone for Soccer?

      Thought not!

  9. Jay says:

    I just want to thank Coach Babcock, Nick, Z, Pavs, Raffy, Helmer, Abby (MI represent!) Hoss, Drapes, OZZY (!!) and all the rest of the Wings players, coaches, management, and all the staff for another great season in true Red Wings style.

    Class, skill, control, professionalism – these are the things us fans love seeing from our home team, and this Detroit team has them all in spades. It’s so rare to have a team like this in ANY sport – we’re really fortunate to have such a great hockey club right here in Michigan. And really, Cup or no Cup, we’ll be here next year, supporting the team through thick and thin.

    From all of us fans to everyone in the Red Wings organization: thank you for everything. See you next season!

  10. Billy B says:

    Thank you Red Wings organization! You are the best, no matter what the outcome was. You instill a lot of pride into Michigan’s people. All the best!

    Bettman and his puppets (refs) sure did a number to get Crosby that cup. Although Kronwall’s penalties and turnovers were mostly idiotic on his part, I hope the team is taking this issue up with the powers in Toronto, other than Bettman.

    Keep Hossa around? Only if he doesn’t have to play his buddies again. Nice series Houdini!

    • drumm says:

      i think it’s funny that you have to blame the refs bad calls for the wings losing. The bad calls were on both sides. your classy team blew a 2-0 lead with home ice. The series should have been over in 4. It is really hard to lose when you are so used to winning. There is always next season and congrats to the Red Wings for a great series. See you next seson.

  11. wrinkrat says:

    I would like to thank every player and coach for a fantastic season. I Thank you!!! I hope you aren’t going through hockey or cup withdrawl as bad as I am. Have a nice and rewarding vacation and whatever next season brings, new faces, same faces, we will always love our wings!!!!!!!! No matter what, this organization is a class act!!! Once again, Thank you!!!!!!

  12. Brenda says:

    Thanks a million times over to the Wings, coaches and staff for the huge effort!! This is a new one for the fans too, to lose in the final.

    You are our team and we are so proud of you.

    Folks who are complaining about the calls and who said what to and about whom: Newsflash: It’s over. Next year is another, and yes, the Wings have always been, and I hope will always be, a great hockey club, no matter who has the Cup this year. Have a wonderful and restful summer, guys. You have earned it. Thanks for a great season!

  13. I was raised in MI but live in NC and continue following the DETROIT RED WINGS and am a die hard fan I thank the RED WINGS for giving me a long HOCKY season 08/09 I had a great time watching the BEST hocky team the DETROIT RED WINGS thanks from a devoted van GO RED WINGS 09/10 season

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