Around the Rink – NHL Free Agency Edition


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The NHL kicks off its free agency period at noon today so there is plenty of speculation as to where some Red Wings may be heading (or staying) and what the Wings’ organization plans to do. Detroit may not have a lot of free room under the cap, but the Wings will need to fill some depth spots at forward with the exact number depending on who stays or goes.

Marian Hossa

Reports out of Sporting News and Sportsnet suggest that star forward Marian Hossa will test free agency today. As of 10:00 a.m. EDT, Hossa had not signed a deal with the Red Wings. According to The Detroit News:

General manager Ken Holland and Hossa’s agent Ritch Winter talked again Tuesday but came to no agreement. Hossa looks like he’ll test free agency.

“It certainly appears that way,” Holland said. “As I’ve said all along, we only have so much cap room. We have players that I’m not interested in losing.”

Both sides appeared to want to re-sign so what went wrong? The Detroit News speculated that Detroit’s offer was around $4-5 million for a long-term deal (possibly 10 years). However Hossa is apparently looking for a higher number per year (ex. $6 million) over long-term and due to the salary cap, the Wings can’t provide that unless they want to dismantle part of their team. If Hossa does not return, he will be one of the top free agents available this afternoon.

Bill at the blog Abel to Yzerman writes that if Hossa does leave for more money with another team, Wings fans should be appreciative for the year he spent in Detroit making less money than he could’ve gotten elsewhere for a chance at the Cup.

Mikael Samuelsson and Tomas Kopecky

Both players are expected to test free agency, but if Hossa will not gear up in the Winged Wheel next season expect Holland to try to bring Samuelsson back. Sammy made $1.2 million last year, but will likely receive offers well above that after posting 19 markers last year. Ansar Khan of reports that Samuelsson will likely leave as he is looking to make a salary jump.

Media reports believe Kopecky will not return.

Jiri Hudler and Ville Leino

Hudler and Leino are both restricted free agents so the only way for either player to leave is if the Wings do not make a qualifying offer (which they have) or if another team makes an offer. That other team would have to give up a draft pick (the round is determined by offer). The Detroit Free Press believes the Wings won’t have to worry about any competing offers with Leino since he didn’t get enough playing time to warrant that type of attention. Hudler could receive other offers, but Holland will try to keep him if Hossa does not return. If the two sides cannot agree on a salary, they will head to arbitration. Ansar Khan at reports that Holland believes he’ll be able to find the right salary to make it work.

Holland has spoken to Hudler’s agent, Petr Svoboda, exchanging numbers and discussing comparable players should he file for arbitration by Sunday’s deadline.

“I can’t go spend the money we have set aside for Hudler,” Holland said.

He added, “(Svoboda) told me the area he thinks they’re in. We see things a little differently, but I can’t say we’re dramatically apart. I got an idea of what it’ll take to sign Hudler.”

Who is Leaving

GM Ken Holland has informed four of their free agents that Detroit will not be making them an offer. Defenseman Chris Chelios is hoping to land with an Eastern Conference team this offseason, but admits he has some free-agency jitters. Backup goaltender Ty Conklin cannot stay because of the salary cap and the fact that Jimmy Howard has to pass through waivers now. For those reasons, Howard will be Chris Osgood’s backup to start this season. The St. Louis Blues are believed to be interested in acquiring Conklin.

Enforcer-types Darren McCarty and Aaron Downey will not return according to The Detroit News. If Holland had made an offer, it would have been a two-contract with both players staying primarily in Grand Rapids with the team’s AHL affiliate.

George Malik of Snapshots believes that one more win to snag the Cup would not have altered Detroit’s plans this offseason, including fan favorites like McCarty and Chelios.

Who Else?

Reporters have speculated which players Detroit could target. Due to the salary cap, the Wings will be limited in their options and don’t expect a star player to sign with Detroit (other than Hossa). Holland will look to sign a couple depth players for the third or fourth lines. Ansar Khan of has these guys on his list of potential signees:

Some available free-agent forwards include rugged wingers Chris Neil of Ottawa and Ian Laperriere of Colorado and checking centers Samuel Pahlsson of Chicago and John Madden of New Jersey.

Former Red Wings forward Mike Knuble of Philadelphia would provide offense (six consecutive 20-goal seasons) and size (6-foot-3, 230). Lower-priced alternatives include Chad LaRose of Carolina, Mark Parrish of Dallas, and another former Red Wing, Matt Ellis of Buffalo.

We will have a recap of what went down in the opening days of free agency on Friday morning here at Hockeytown Blog.

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137 Responses to Around the Rink – NHL Free Agency Edition

  1. Firebettman says:

    The wings should not keep hudler for anything over a million. If nobody noticed hudler is a reg season player he dosnt have the size nor the talent to compete in playoffs. One of the key things in playoff games is to finish your checks, the problem with jiri is he won’t even start them. The only asset hudler is to the wings is on power play and i beleive we can find a much more well rounded player.

    • steve says:

      Your crazy. Hudler is quick on his skates and has great hands. How can you say he can’t play during playoffs. Did you not see that hit in game one with Aneheim. He got up and was back after a freight train hit!

      • Bryan Landru says:

        Ya steve did you notice that hudler did shit in the playoffs, after the hit by brown of aneheim….

        • B-Rok says:

          Hudler sucks. Send Hudler away and lets get rid of Maltby too.

          • Brett says:

            The Red Wings should keep hudler and younger guys who need to develop into like hossa and datsyuk I agree get rid of maltby and the older guys who do nothing maybe draper except he’s an amazing faceoff player

            • thebigo says:

              i dont agree with u about drapes he is one of the back bones in this team and keeping him would help us alot and for maltby we need him to he has been with us for a long time and also a back bone of the team him and drapes together is awsome to watch never gets old. we also need big mack back too he brought a force to the team nobody else did with what he is capable of doing

      • kellly says:

        We need to keep Jiri. Hes fast, has great hands with the puck, is a great scorer, is awesome in the shootout. Jiri is also very young, and has improved every year hes been with us

        The only thing that can happen is he”ll get even better playing with the likes of Henry, Pavs, Homer, Nick, and Drapes

        Him along with Valteri will be great future Red Wings. Keep them both

    • Alex says:

      I also have to disagree with you. Hudler is a potential 20-30 goal scorer and 60-70 point/season guy. On some teams this season he could’ve played on a top line with those numbers. He has a great stick and his skating has improved dramatically since he was first drafted by the wings. Pavel was off in scoring in the playoffs also. Does that mean that he’s just a regular season player and they need to replace him come playoff time? In terms of hits, the redwings are more of a finess team than hard hit team anyways, that’s why Downie and McCarty didn’t see much ice time at all this year.

      • t dryden says:

        i agree with keeping the young stars but the wings need a couple of hard hitters. darren helm did a nice job but another player like darren mccarty would help.

    • MARY says:

      If Hudler was given more ice-time the guy would be dynamic

    • Dean says:

      “Hudler is a reg season player”

      And that’s a bad thing right? How does a team get to the playoffs without great regular season players? If the Wings trade Hudler, I think it will be a decision that comes back to haunt them. Trading youth and talent seems like shortsightedness to me.

    • Dom says:

      It would be a mistake for the Wings not to re-sign Hud’s. Sure the guy isn’t the biggest but he’s not afraid to put the team above his own well-being. The obvious case is the hit in the Aneheim series that he came back from. Also, the series clincher of the Blue Jackets series was set up by Jiri taking the put to the middle of the net knowing he was gonna get wiped out by 2 defensemen but he didn’t back down. He’s a solid player and also can make some spectactular plays.

    • wowwowwow says:

      Are you serious???? Hudler is an amazing player. He scores when he needs to and he can skate like no one’s business. And so what if he isnt the biggest guy, that doesnt make him any less of a player. He would be a first liner if he was any other team besides the wings. However with as much talent as the wings have he is on the second or third line, which is still a huge deal considering who he’s playing with. He is great on the power play, but he also scores during even strength. And he has plenty of time to grow as a player since he’s only 25 or 26. He will get better and he is already one of the best young forwards in the league

    • Steve says:

      Dude we needed Conks, 6 shutouts and such a long winning streak, hossa is a traitor completely, he has no pride in his teams thats why he leaves so much, he didnt even produce in the playoffs, and datsyuk was hurt. yeah we won the cup without conklin but remember we had ozzie and hasek, what better combination would we want. jimmy howard isnt gunna make it in the NHL. We definately need to add sams again he was a clutch player. but we need some more blue liners and a new enforcer.

  2. Ryan says:

    I have to agree with the OP, Hudler is overrated by most Wings fans standards. I think he is more of a fan favorite then an asset. If it is between Hoss and Hudler I think the choice is obvious. I woud rather keep Sammy then go after Hudler at least with Sammy you get a two way player literally he played as a foward and defenseman this playoff run. To me Hudler isn’t worth much more if any then he made last season. I would rather let Howard mature more in the AHL and re-sign Conks for another year. My point is there are too many other options with the money we would spend on Hudler to actually resign him.

  3. Kyle says:

    I am sad about losing Conklin. I dont think Jimmy Howard has what it takes to be an NHL goalie.

    • Steve says:

      Actually Howard does have what it takes to back up Osgood. If you’ve seen him play then you would know that. Babcocks strength is young talent and developing that talent to a star level. He has paid is dues in the AHL his time is here. Welcome to the big show kid.

      • Steve says:

        Oh yeah and ps everyone doubted Osgood too. Osgood is one of the best goalies in the NHL today. He will have his name on the cup again.

        • Bryan Landru says:

          that is right it will be in 2010……

        • wowwowwow says:

          Hell yeah!!! Ozzy is so underrated. I wonder if all you doubters know that he’s in the top 10 for wins, games, and shutouts. And just because he wasnt perfect this season doesnt mean he’s a bad goalie, he was just a little off sometimes. But he still made spectacular plays and took the wings all the way to the finals
          Go Ozzy!!!!

      • Derek S says:

        No he is not an NHL goalie. I’ve watched him here in GR for the past few years and I can promise you HO JO has no business in the NHL. Did you watch him with the Wings this year? Terrible. If we could get Clemenson from New Jersey he would be a better bet but I’m not sure the Wings could pay him what he is worth.

      • Matt61786 says:

        Howard is an interesting backup… he has confident issue.. when he is on he is great. But that doesn’t happen often! Watching him in Grand Rapids was a treat some nights and other nights was a major dissapointment. I really hope the Redwings can sign a solid third liner before the entire free agent market is gone! Impressed with Chicago additions today… However, Hossa deserve to play for Blackhawks that way he never wins the cup!

      • Chris says:

        Thank you Steve… I’m sick of all these “fans” that think they know what they’re talking about when they read a few stats… Being a goalie myself we’re the ones that get critized the most by fans or random people that don’t know how to critize anyone else on the ice… Howard is a great goalie. He does what he can in GR due to not having any support around the crease.. When he’s in Detroit with the Wings and they’re giving him the support he needs by pushing shots to the outside as the Wings have always done well.. He will devolpe into the Wings’ next primary when Ozzie is finshed… I’d put my house on it…

    • Kevin says:

      The Wings have to find a young goaltender for the future. I agree that Howard has earned his chance, at least as a back up to Ozzie for this year. They can’t wait too long and make the same mistake they did with Manny Legace!! They held on to him and never gave him a REAL chance. I know he had some stiff competition for that starting spot, but they signed him for 5 years at just under 5 million (pre-cap days!) and he never got a true opportunity to take the reigns. Ozzie can play…Howard can watch from a closer view, learn, and take over soon enough. But give him the chance and let him prove himself…we’ll see soon enough if he can hiold his own with the big league.

  4. Swan says:

    You gotta remember, Hudler is only 25 years old. He still has tremendous up-side that we may not have seen yet. I wish Conklin would be able stay, because I really don’t think Howard is a very good goaltender… at least in the games I’ve seen him in, he doesn’t look very good. I’m more excited about Daniel Larsson… he was the Swedish goalie of the year a couple years ago.

    • hudler2301 says:

      i think hudler is going to have breakout year this year. His one-timer is just as good as brett hull’s. i hope we sign him because he is going to score 60-70 points this year. and about Leino, we need to sign him because of his offensive ability. If he plays 82 games this season he’s gonna score over 40 points because he scoed 10 points in like 10 games for us this year. I hope we keep him.

  5. Doug says:

    Ditto on the Jimmy Howard comment! He doesn’t have what it takes for the NHL.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree, should have cut Howard loose and kept Conklin. Conklin got us through the regular season when Ozzy was “finding his game”. Howard isn’t capable if Ozzy loses it again.

      • MS WBS says:

        I knew ty when he was here in Wilkes-Barre, Pa playing for the AHL Penguins. He came a long way in the past 2 1/2 years. A lot of true hockey fans knew the he was better then Sabourin and hated to see him leave the “burgh”. Good luck to him wherever he goes. I think the Red Wings are making a big mistake

        • Chris says:

          Conks is definately good.. But obvisouly you haven’t seen Jimmy play in Grand Rapids… The game against MIN was a fluke… Jimmy’s stats in Grand Rapids are average due to not having much support.. He normally faces 30 to 40 shots a night and handles it as well as he can… When he gets some good supprt around the crease with the wings he will do great, and devolp into the Wings’ next primary when Ozzie is done..

    • MS WBS says:

      I’ve watched Howard play in the AHL. I must say that I was not impressed. Over the years I watched Fleury, Conklin, Niittymaki, Emery and other play and you can tell they were ready for the NHL. But I must admit that Howard did not show that type of talent.

  6. Joey says:

    Yeah I’m real excited about Larsson. Hossa is officially gone so its Hudler time. I’m not a big Sammy fan… they would be better off signing a guy like John Madden for about the same price they could get Sammy.

  7. wingnut19 says:

    The organization has spent quite a bit of time with Howard, but I have yet to see the dividends. I don’t have the confidence in him, but…most of Holland’s calls pay off in the long run so all I can do is trust I think it would be a shame to see Sammy go and would rather see him around than Hossa. Hossa choked in the playoffs in my opinion. I was expecting more.

    • Steve says:

      Agreed. Hossa did not live up to the hype. He wanted a cup but failed to perform like a champion. Good bye. 12 yr contract is ridiculous. He won’t be in the NHL that long. Look what happened in NY with that lengthy contract. Not necessarily the brightest move.

      • Don says:

        Yeah he barely scored 40 goals in the regular season. So he only got 6 in the playoffs – Datsyuk got 1. Don’t get me wrong Datsyuk is awesome, but no one would even fathom getting rid of him because of a lackluster post-season. They should’ve dumped Samuelsson and Hudler to keep Hossa if that’s what it would’ve took to free up cap space.

        • P says:

          Hudler/Samuelsson – almost 100 points. Hossa just over 71 pts. Hudler/Samulsson less cost for more out put. The decision is obvious and that’s why he’s in Chicago! Much rather have those two guys who have established themselves in a line up over a few years than some one who comes and goes thinking it’s always greener on the other side of the fence. Hossa didn’t perform when it was most important and for the reason HE chose to come to Detroit. Wings don’t need someone to help them get TO the playoffs (as Hossa did) but maybe a body to get them THRU the playoffs (As Hossa Did not). His talent is respected but can’t wait to watch him get put out of the playoffs by Detroit the next 12 years.

          • Phillip says:

            I agree with everything you just said. I felt like signing Hosa was Yankee offseason move. And IMO totally not worth it, he was overpaid stat factory that didn’t actually amount to anything. In fact I think the addition of Hosa was a step backwards for Detroit, money would have been better spent on a better 2way player that produced less self serving contract year stats. Or maybe a long-term deal for a goaltender.

      • shane says:

        hossa is a trader! the blackhawks suck

        • be says:

          that would be ‘traitor”

          The 12 year deal is front loaded. the wings do that kind of deal quite a bit to manage the cap so I’m surprised Steve didn’t pick up on that. He’ll never play till he’s 42, and everyone knows that. It’s cap management… duh

  8. KEVIN CURL says:

    Wings need to sign these players Lapperiere,Kommisarek,Hudler, Cammelerri, and or Tanguey or Sullivan. They need to get tougher thats where Lapperiere and Kommisarek come in. Also need guys to put puck in the net thats where Camelleri, Hudler, Tanguey and or Sullivan. I think that it is very important to add Kommisarek he’s big, right handed which is needed for power play and does’nt get pushed around in front of net. Lapperiere is a solid performer and would’nt let Hank and Pavel get cheap shots. To keep other team honest.

    • Steve says:

      Would have been nice to see Pronger add some grit to the D-line. Oh well.

      • Michelle says:

        would rather poke my eyes out than see Pronger in a Red Wings sweater.

        • big d says:

          Thats a good one Michelle, and I agree and would rather see us punch him out in the Finals next year.

          • wowwowwow says:

            Im glad im not the only one who hates pronger.
            He’s the biggest a-hole ever

            • Phillip says:

              I hate Pronger and I can’t wait till we knock his big ugly ass outa the playoffs next year. He has no skills, just a thug. HockeyTown doesn’t need overpriced thugs we can get muscle much cheaper than the tag Pronger is wearing.

        • cheffly1 says:

          LOL! LOL! My sentiments exactly!

        • Marisa says:

          Same here. I can’t stand Pronger. Dirty players don’t belong with Detroit. That’s just not the kind of team they are.

          • jared says:

            Remember isn’t that how most people felt about chelios before he was here and look how well that turned out.I’d love to have pronger but the salary cap pretty much dooms that idea.

            • Marisa says:

              True. I keep forgetting about Cheli’s reputation because we signed him when I was 5 or 6 so I’ve really only seen him play recently, and he’s calmed down since then.

          • Michelle says:


        • The.Priestess says:

          I would rather poke my eyes out with a rusty dagger than see Pronger in a Wings jersey !!!!

        • Dano says:

          Pronger? With a Wing’s wheel? THat’s just worng!

      • thaifighter says:

        I would be a Penguin fan before I would watch that cheap shot Pronger don the winged wheel

      • hudler2301 says:

        no no no pronger sucks remember his hit on holmstroms head in the 07 playoffs there would have been a riot if we signed him

      • hudler2301 says:

        no no no pronger sucks remember his hit on holmstroms head in the 07 playoffs there would have been a riot if we signed him and i would be leading it

      • Chris says:

        I definately would have cut all three of my testicles off and stopped watching hockey all together if that fruitcake Pronger ever wears the Winged Wheel..

    • steve says:

      Lapperiere??!! You’ve got to be kidding. The Wings do NOT, I repeat, do NOT need an enforcer or message sender. The last thing the Wings need is a goon who is constantly in the box and jacking up the team’s short-handed ice time.

      • Dan says:

        They do need something – keep in mind we really were doomed when Anaheim took us to 7. Chicago got stuck with Huet in net (they’re screwed next year … hahahahahaha). Simply ran out of gas against Pittsburgh.

      • hudler2301 says:

        ur right steve remember when downey killed him cause he hurt lidstrom lapperiere sucks

  9. John says:

    I think the redwings should keep samuelsson and hudler. both who are 3rd line players with potental. if possible i feel the team culd use some new back up goaltending like scott clemmenson. he would be a great addition.

  10. KEVIN says:

    If Hossa would have contributed just a little during cup , he would have hoisted it. Now he’ll get to watch someone else hoist it again. Hopefully the wings. Would’nt that be great !!!!!

  11. Steve says:

    Detroit is deep enough in talent that losing Conklin and Hossa are not really a loss. As far as Chelios is concerned the experience as a leader will be missed however as little as he contributed on the ice his departure can be made up for as well. I love Chelly however when its time its time. If Hossa wanted the best chanve at a cup he made a terrible move. Detroit is his best chance. He rode to many coattails. Babcock will do what he does best and we will see Detroit in the finals again in 09-10

    • Richard says:

      The Wings don’t need to worry to much about this year in the off season. The reason being that 2 years ago they won the cup without Hossa, Conklin. I wish Conklin could have stayed though he really help when ozzy was down. Hossa to me is a rental player he left Ottawa for no reason. What the Wings do need though is a big player who’s not a goon but can protect the stars like Antropov. The wings should try to at least sign hudlir, but not worry so much about Samualson. I mean look at Abdelkader did for the wings. The wings I think have some really good rookies that haven’t been given the spot light yet. Kopecky isnt to great of a loss i mean i didnt even really hear that much about him last year. Howard’s time in Detroit well depnd if Ozzy can play amzing or if he can actually stop some NHL pucks.

      • shane says:

        the wings should sign kovalev or havlat that would be nice! i think that the wings would be better off with 3 main guys rather than the 2 that they have now.( zetterberg and datsyuk) and dont sign clemmenson we need biron he does great in the regular season which is great and ozzie could carry us in the playoffs all the way to 09-10 champs where we belong!

      • Streetman says:

        I say make the best with what you can…
        Erri on D,
        I trust in Holland. We have our team! Free-agents that left the wings will be making room for a younger, faster, harder working team. Bringing up young fresh talent will only help the wings thrive for another stanley cup. I can foresee the wings resigning Hudler. Samy will find a better contract else where (hopefully not the blackhawks!).
        As for howard, I have nothing positive to say about him! I can only wish him the best.
        with the little money that the wings have, Holland will make the best with what he has and I hope that the wings can get another goalie. But in all fairness Howard has not been seasoned. I say give him a chance and who knows, maybe Howard will turn out as good as Legace did!
        But no matter what the wings will be in the playoffs next season… maybe not winning our division seeing as the blackhawks will be able to match our fire power in almost every aspect except defense, and will have a viable chance in winning another stanley cup.

        I wish howard the very best, this is his chance, and maybe his only chance to be a NHL goalie!

        • thaifighter says:

          I agree but ditch Maltby also and pick up a younger 3rd or 4th line player

        • hudler2301 says:

          i agree. we have helm and abdelkader and ritola and maybe even leino. i think maltby just needs to retire. he has four cup rings. I don’t want to see him play 5 min. a game while holland wastes 1 million of our salary cap.

  12. Joey says:

    I wish the wings had cap room for a Cammelerri, but I think some 3rd and 4th line grit would be best. Hudler is a for sure keeper, the kid has skill and he’s still young. The Wings will be tough to beat next year!

  13. Mark says:

    Well, the Hawks just got a LOT stronger. the addition of Hossa AND Kopecy, Yikes!
    too bad they couldnt have gone to the east. now we will still get to see Hossa alot
    just in the wrong uniform. the good news, now we have room to bring up those killer
    Griffens!! Helm, Leino, Abdelcader(sp) sry abs, etc.

  14. Nick says:

    I agree, i think Cammelerri would be a great fit. I also think kommisarek would be a good addition, Detroit needs size. Hudler needs to stay, he will be one of the best players in the NHL in a couple of years, give him some time.

  15. Andrew says:

    I also agree that the wings should sign Cammalleri. I think he would be agreat fit. Resign Hudler but let Sammy walk. Bring up Helm, Abdelkader, Leino. Then bring in someone like Pauhlsson and we will have a very good team.

    but again, I really hope the Wings get Cammalleri….many wings fans I know want them to get them so lets hope we do.

  16. Nick says:

    I don’t see why everyone wants Leino up. I agree completely with bringing up Helm and Abdelkater but give Leino a couple more years with the Griffins. He will be a great player in a couple years, but not yet.

    • Bryan Landru says:

      Abdelkater is the shit, babcock should have never taken him out, but they should get ride of that leino, all he did was skate in circles and pass the puck away, he sucks shit….

    • redwingsguy96 says:

      One thing I’m happy about is they didn’t sign Hossa, I’m sorry but after his no-show in the finals (and really the entire playoffs) he’s not a smart investment for the Wings at that kind of money…I mean I know he’s a great player but if a Game 7 at home against your former team isn’t going to light a fire under you to play better than nothing is, good luck Chicago, you’ll need it with Hossa. Another smart move by Holland not jumping like every other GM would do, Wings are smart and they’ll ‘wait and see’ what’s available probably down the line in a few weeks, its how we got Drake in 08 😉 I hope the Wings can ink a gritty winger who can score or a big defenceman, too many teams take their liberties with us, we need a solid player who can help in that department and stay in the lineup. Yeah, little upgrade here and there and we’ll be fine, Wings are still in great shape for years to come…

      Signing Hudler and Leino is paramount though, there young and only going to get better. Sure Huds was a no-show too in the playoffs but he’s young, he’s still learning and going to get better. I love Leino, he’s going to fit in perfectly in Detroit, just needs a few years to grow and I easily see him up on the first, second line with Dats and Z. I would let Sammy go too, I love him but he wasn’t up to snuff enough in the postseason, too many mistakes. Bottom line it’s alright if the Wings don’t make any moves, they don’t have to…not only is the money not there but like I said the team is still in great shape. So many teams waste money fruitlessly with multi-year contracts on unproven players, its just stupid really, your stuck afterwards when things don’t work out. One player is not going to win you a Cup, like the Wings you build a team through the draft and reep the rewards down the line. I love Ferraro coming to Detroit, excellent pick in the draft, he could be the next Fedorov or Shanny one day, anyways see ya 😉

  17. Cody says:

    I’d like to see Sammy walk. He’s too much of a liability to turn the puck over. Re-sign Hudler though he’s still got potential. Would’ve loved to see an offer to Knuble or Camalleri they both can put the puck in the back of the net and Knuble’s a big body that wouldn’t get pushed around easily. Also an addition of Pahlsson could really benefit our struggling PK.

  18. Barry says:

    I’d like to see Helm come up and stay, watched him in Medicine Hat he’s a winner by hard work. Laperriere and Madden would be a nice addition. If we could get LaRose I’d like to see him and Helm on the ice what a speed line with hockey sense. Pahlsson good add.

  19. momo99 says:

    Cammalleri went to the Habs. Instead of brining up Howard, whey don’t they free up some cap room and trade for Josh Harding from the Wild. The guy put up better numbers than most of the goalies in the league, it’s just he plays for a team that can’t score a goal even if the net was empty. Larsson is by far the better goalie compared to Howard, why not bring him up instead? Leino needs to stay in G.R. and grow up some more, he’s not yet a team guy, wants to make things happen too much on his own and ends up screwing up. Abs and Helm will be huge additions for the Wings with their combination of speed and not afraid of putting someone on the ice.

    But I totally agree that the Wings need another scorer and to add some grit. Time will tell. Go Wings!!

    • Dan says:

      Most years, the starting Griffins goalie sees ice time. The back-up Wings goalie doesn’t. Larsson will get his ice time, and can be a great late year call up if needed.

  20. Luke says:

    anyone who thinks hudler is just a regular season player, who has no size is crazy. the guy has great hands, speed, and a great head for the game. if the wings were smart they would resign him. also with hossa now in chi-town, it gives us a little wiggle room to make this happen. i feel in the next 3 to 5 years, hudler can be a premier player in the NHL

  21. M says:

    Everyone was talking about Knuble and Camalleri. To be honest, a short term deal with Tanguay would be nice at the right price– he can score and he has size. Alternatively, LaRose might be a good fit at the right price. If I am not mistaken they have about 5.5m cap room for this season, so between Hudler and Leino there may be enough only for a less expensive role player. All the signings today seem to be rather extravagant though, even for role players (i.e. Pahlsson going for 2.65m a year). As it stands Laperriere looks like a missed opportunity at 1.17m a year.

  22. Joey says:

    I think Hudler is a great asset, a keeper for sure. He’s very quick, great on the PP. I still can’t get over the Howard situation, I’m a HUGE Ozzy fan but a good backup is never a bad thing…Harding would be great, just I can’t see it happening. Adding a John Madden would be unreal good, they need some good character guys. There is so much skill on this team its sick. With Hossa gone, someone else will get more ice time and step up in a big way. Leino has skill, I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed with the Red Wings and learned how to play a more complete game by watching Pav and Zetterberg who are without question the BEST two-way players in the game.

  23. bringbackkocur says:

    get rid of Hossa he was a JOKE in the playoffs all the hype for what 3 goals! thats rediculous! especially since he came to Detroit to win a cup! Keep Huds get rid of Samuelson hes ok but just doesnt click here…… Lose Downey… did he even play in NHL this season? Keep McCarty he can step up if needed he proved that by getting back into NHL Laperierre would be sweet Pahlsson would be pretty cool too! Leino should stay that action I have seen him in was just ok… But SCREW HOSSA he can play with Fedorov they are both losers!

  24. Adam says:

    I’m not worried about a thing. Hossa leaving will leave space for other players like helm,abs,leino to prove their worth. Ozzy proved he is still one cool cat in net and hopefully Howard will wake the f up if given a chance to prove himself in the nhl. I can’t wait till next season st louis vs Det in sweden Yeeeeeeeeeee HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LETS GO RED WINGS!

  25. honeybakedhockey says:

    samuellson is/was a joke and although hudler has potential the wings need another star player to help them next year. HElm and Ablekater and Lenio will probably come up but knowing holland and babcock they’ll all be third/ fourth liners so they should drop hudler and samuelson and should have gotten hossa back………

  26. honeybakedhockey says:

    samuellson is/was a joke and although hudler has potential the wings need another star player to help them next year. HElm and Ablekater and Lenio will probably come up but knowing holland and babcock they’ll all be third/ fourth liners so they should drop hudler and samuelson and should have gotten hossa back………

    • shane says:

      ok hossa left the wings and signed with the blackhawks for 5.2 mil. when the wings were offering the same thing. thats ok he can go and ruin the blackhawks chance for a cup next year. he choked big time in the playoffs

  27. Marisa says:

    I’m really gonna miss Hossa, Conks, Kopecky and Cheli. Hossa and Conks quickly became some of my favorite players, even though they had only been here a year. Detroit still is Hossa’s best chance at the Cup, but I guess he wanted the money. He was an awesome player, and it’s not like he didn’t play his best in the playoffs. Datsyuk had a lot of trouble, too, because these teams knew how much of a threat they were. That’s why all of our third and fourth liners and defensemen really stepped it up. You can’t stop the entire team all at once. And no one expected our underrated players to score like that, so they focused on the big goal scorers. After Franzen started his goal scoring streak, everyone realized that they needed to stop him, too. I hate hearing that Hossa didn’t perform well enough. Were you watching at all? He tried really hard, but it’s pretty difficult to get to the net when you’re surrounded by three or four guys. I’ve seen him take out two at once and score, but any more would be crazy. And Pavs had a difficult time, too, but because he’s been with us awhile, everyone gave him a break and ragged on Hossa. I really wish he could’ve stayed, he’s been amazing. But on the bright side, we certainly have the money to resign Huds and Sammie. Those are two players I don’t want to see leave. Especially Huds; he’s been outstanding. He’s great with the puck and can take a beating and still get back up. I think you’d have to deal him a debilitating injury before he would sit out. I’d be heartbroken if we lost Huds, too. I’m already in denial that we lost Hossa, Conks, and Kopecky. I kinda saw it coming with Cheli, but I’m still gonna miss him.
    I’m curious to see how Jimmy Howard is gonna do as Ozzie’s backup. I haven’t seen him play, so I can’t say anything about him, but he must be good if Holland wants him so badly. And we have money for defensemen that we definitely need. Thank goodness we found Ericsson, he’s fantastic.

    • Adam says:

      i agree with you totally on everything almost forgot about ericsson he was a wall in the playoffs he took a few immature penalties but he’s a young guy and will hopefully learn to keep his cool like lidstrom and raf

      • Marisa says:

        Definitely. He’s learning from the best. We needed another good, young defenseman. And I’m glad to see that he’s not afraid to make a shot on goal when the opportunity presents itself to him. That’s the best part about the Wings: with the depth they have, everyone on the team can score.

    • hudler2301 says:

      i don’t miss cheli he sucks so does hossa he can only score in game four thats bull

  28. Adam says:

    oh my goodness does anyone understand what this is going to do to the det chi rivalry i so cant wait till next year

  29. Nick says:

    If Marion Hossa was playing his best in the playoffs, then he is the most overrated player in the NHL. Sure he was being double and triple teamed but thats what he’s known for, getting out of those situations. Glad he’s gone. And if he was being double and triple teamed that means at least one player was wide open. And Kopecky was so overrated it’s not even funny, i thought he was aweful. Wish we could have kept Conks. Sign Huds and Sammy

  30. Adam says:

    you know what im still kinda pissed at the media for for bringing the spotlight on Hoss for switching teams and crap they spent soo much time talking about it i friggin hate the nbc and versus announcers i wish we could always have mickey redmond LETS GO RED WINGS

    • Brian says:

      I totally agree with the announcers….NBC and Versus are awful, they act like they know everything and they have their favorite teams (pick anyone on the east coast) and that’s all they talk about. I can’t stand it when one of our games are on those channels. Just like the playoffs should be broadcast on national channels (not like Versus is a national channel) and local. Let the fans choose and watch their teams broadcasts.

      • Marisa says:

        Exactly! I got so tired of them glorifying the Penguins during the playoffs. Yes, they’re a good team, we know that. Why not talk about the Wings once in a while? Did they even realize that the Pens happened to be playing against another team and not themselves? I swear, these announcers were biased. And they ALWAYS mispronounced Johan Franzen’s name. I was ready to beat those guys with a fire extinguisher. I wish all of the games could be on FSN. It’s much better with Mickey Redmond and Larry Murphy.

  31. Ryan says:

    I love how when we signed Hoss everyone was happy. Now that we didn’t resign him everyone is happy he’s gone. Everyone on here seems to be bandwagon fans. I will always appreciate what Hossa did for us in getting us to the finals. I put the blame on our defense for not brining back a cup specifically Raffy. If you blame Hossa you have to blame Dats and that isn’t right. Too many people had less points in the Playoffs.

    • Dan says:

      You don’t remember the “Ozzie sucks” … “Ozzie is great” switch as well? Welcome to life as a Detroit fan … way too much optimism or crazy pessimism … and honestly not a whole ton of hockey knowledge for 75% of the people.

      (Which is the same with the Lions …. weren’t we supposed to make the playoffs in the pre-season? Oooops)

      • wowwowwow says:

        The only people who were saying “Ozzy sucks” weren’t real Detroit fans. They were/are bandwagon fans so lets just write them off right now, k. Also, you’ll find “fans” who don’t know shit about hockey in every hockey city, don’t single out Detroit. Besides, the worst fans are Pens fans who criticize their team like crazy when they lose, but if they win, the fans are loyal to the end. They can all suck it…

  32. ryan says:

    Hossa is a traitor we gave him what he wanted but he still rejected it. as for howard just give him a chance. but i would rather have conks than howard

    • hudler2301 says:

      yea ur right if hossa scored in the playoffs we would have won the cup

      idon’t care wat anyone says we r a dynasty i just we could have won it back to back

  33. pignuts says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how fans can misspell the names of even the most popular players (case in point from previous posts: “Marion Hossa,” “Abdelkater,” “Kopecy,” “Samuellson,”). Look it up on the team roster, for Christ’s sake. You look like morons, and I don’t like to be associated with morons. Anyway, we all should know that Holland is going to most likely be quiet during free agency, with some smart re-signings and maybe a low-key addition here or there. I think he’s saving up some cap space for the trade deadline next year. In the meantime, brush up on your spelling and grammar, fools.

    • wowwowwow says:

      Hahahaha, thank you! Its really not that hard to spell if you actually know who they are.
      Also, you make a real good point. Holland KNOWS what to do, how do you people think we’re so good in the first place?

    • Marisa says:

      Thank you! It makes me so mad when people can’t take the time to actually learn the players’ names. I bet nobody misspells the “wonderful” Cindy (oops, I mean Sidney) Crosby’s name. I agree, Holland is an awesome GM and he knows what he’s doing. I trust he’ll make the right decisions.

      • hudler2301 says:

        finally seriously if ur a real wings fan u would know how to spell abdelkader and marian hossa and people don’t even know how to spell sidney crosby isn’t he supposed to be the face of the nhl all you people from nbc need to buy hockey dictionary and suck it you fools

  34. Mike V says:

    Hossa was a pretty big disappointment for us, we got him for the playoffs and he didn’t really show up for them. I wouldn’t mind a resign from him though, maybe he’ll be more comfortable this season.

    GO WINGS, oh yeah i’m the guy that made the red wings mobile for the video contest two years ago, i think they should have another video contest for playoff tickets, it was cool seeing everyone’s videos on the site.

  35. jayford16 says:

    your screen name is ‘pignuts’ and you are worried about spelling 🙂 🙂 🙂 WTF?

    Stuaart (that’s for you pnuts) blew the whole game 7, lazy, dumb penalty and give-a-ways cost the wings that game. We should go get a good Campbell type player. Bring on Heatley for Samuelsson who I thought played passive and too European last seasons end, I want to see someone get mad and intense on the ice and play like it.

    And can someone tell Erickson that hockey 101 is to take the pass and not lay down on the ice every time on a 2 on 1….. take the option away.

  36. Todd says:

    Boy, sounds like a lot of jealous Red Wings fans that Hossa went to another team. I bet there wouldn’t be all those comments if he would have resigned. I’m happy to have him in Chicago instead of Havlat-who had 1 good/healthy year out of 3. I’ll take 40 goals and 6 in the playoffs. I’m not saying the Hawks are as good as the Wings yet, but the gap is certainly getting smaller. I don’t think the Wings will go 4-0 in the first 4 games next year against Chicago. –Let’s go-when does pre-season start?–I’m ready.

    • shane says:

      get the hell of the wings site u dumb ass hawk fan! the wing will deastroy the hawks next season!

      • Dan says:

        Spell check is a great thing …

      • Mark says:

        as a CLASSY wings fan, i welcome all hockey fans to our site.
        i would also like to see the fans at the joe class it up a little.
        stop all the put down chanting. booing the guy with the puck
        is ok though, (insert HOSSA here) but yelling that players suck
        and so forth is just bad. i know i dont like it when they get on osgood at the other arenas, and at the joe we do it to our own players!!
        class it up guys, and gals!

    • thaifighter says:

      I liked Hossa on the wings but he is not the epitomy of health either….didnt he miss a slew of games due to hurt feelings,plus he wanted everyone else to win the cup for him.

    • wowwowwow says:

      Wow, no one is jealous. We have Datsyuk, Lidstrom, and Hank, enough said.
      He was a great player and he did a lot for our team, i don’t care what anyone says. He wanted a longer contract and more money than we could give right now, no big deal. So people need to chill on Hossa and all our players who are getting bashed, because none of you could do what they do nearly as well as they do it.

      • Marisa says:

        Yes, I agree. People need to leave our guys alone. They’ve got to think of themselves, not just please the fans. And as much as it pains me to say it, Hossa just wasn’t going to get what he wanted here. Except for the Cup, of course. He had a good chance here and I’m sorry to see him go without winning it. It certainly could have changed his mind if the Wings won it, but it just wasn’t our year.

  37. Chris says:

    I so wish that we could keep Conklin. I know that it sounds crazy but I’d probably take him over ozzy. TyCo is younger and can stay for many years, unlike ozzy. Osgood kicks ass but we need to secure a great goalie for the future, not just the next 3 years…

  38. Scott Norris says:

    Hudler is an integral part of the Wings. You doubters evidently did not watch many games this year. He is a clutch scorer and plays HARD every shift.

    Hossa really isn’t a huge loss. Pick up Havlat and Knuble and things are looking SWEET!

    And you can get both for less than the $6 million a year Hossa wanted, and is not worth. He’s a great player, but the Wings are a TEAM, not a group of individuals.

    I grew up in Indianapolis and have been a Wingnut my entire life. Year in, year out, win or lose. The Wings have something special, and always have. They also have the best scouts in the business. They can be picking in the 4th and 6th rounds and still come up with players that develop into superstars.

    Losing Hossa is no Cup breaker. It’s just a minor setback, and a very temporary one I’m sure.

    The Wings will (at the very least) contend for the West Championship this year and probably be in the Cup finals again, against Pittsburgh, whom they will beat this time!

  39. Joey says:

    Ahh its not that we’re hating on Hossa, but he was the largest cap hit last year for a forward. We also saw players like Helm step-up in a big way. Now the Wings have cap space, they didn’t risk signing someone like Hossa for 12 years because for them it just wouldn’t make sense. Ken Holland knows what he’s doing, the prices/terms 95% of the players signed with today were insane. Detroit doesn’t need star power, it has TONS of star power. The reason people are happy Hossa is gone is because they know someone else will step up. Thats the reason Detroit is always so damn good. Also just to comment on Chris, the Wings have such a strong unit of goaltenders in the minors (Larsson, McCollum) that they should be good for the future. Odds are, next year the cap will take a hit, so by not risking anything I believe Detroit did a FANTASTIC job today. Congrats on a good July 1st 🙂

    Also, the experience Stewart gained by making all those dumb misakes in game 7 will never happen again.

    And PLEASE don’t knock Ericsson for not playing a 2 on 1 properly. He was AMAZING and he scored the only goal for the wings in game 7 against pits.

    Present and future looks great for Hockeytown.

    Bring on next season 😛

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Joey. I was just looking for some insight from the community. To be honest, I was really excited to see Howard play for the Wings this season but I ended up very disappointed. I was amazed by Conks this year so much that I thought he could be better than Ozzy eventually. Osgood is 35 years old and Conks is just a few years younger but he looked like he still had great potential if he was given the starting position to be seasoned. Although I was disappointed, I agree with everyone and I have enormous faith in Kenny Holland. I’m anxiously awaiting the start of a new season with these changes. One more thing though, You can really tell that Scotty Bowman is calling most of the shots in Chicago…

  40. Rick Hudgens says:

    As we can see, nothing good happened today for us. We need change. Samuelsson, Hudler, need to go. I have liked Sami as a Wing up till this year’s final. He made a number of stupid plays and showed no commitment to defense. He allowed Kennedy to score the winner in Game 6. Plus, if he’s here, Babcock will keep putting him on the PP where he could get beat on the blue-line. Huds is a regular season player. He did not show up in the Stanley Cup Final either. We do not have six legitimate scoring forwards. We needed Knuble, but Holland didn’t make a pitch for him. If anybody, we’ll end up with a couple of 170 pounders who cant score 10 goals and will get tossed around. Furthermore, we need at least one more “D” man. Kronwall isn’t a smart player and needs shooting practice and Lebda hasn’t improved offensively in 3 years. We need more size and toughness and right-handed forwards.

    • Mark says:

      lolololololololol, ty for all the negativity. all tear down and no suggestions, ty ty ty.

      • Chris says:

        He did give a suggestion… It was right in the second sentence about them needing to go.. They we’re horrible the whole year.. He also said Holland needed to obtain Knuble… How those aren’t suggestions… I don’t know, lol

  41. Matt K says:

    Look it was a tough last season game to swallow but the Wings over the years have made good trading chooices for the most part. As fans to this team we should all believe in the judgement of the front office and support their decision and at the same time cheer for this team much more louder come next season. This is the Detroit Red Wings were talking about here and I myself can not wait for the season too start back up and kick some pens and everyone eles Ass..

  42. ryan says:

    Hudler is a great player but Detroit should package him and Stuart along with some picks or prospects for Danny Heatly.

    • redwingsguy96 says:

      That would be something, if Detroit somehow snagged Dany, he’s one of my favorite players in the league, you could ship the Cup straight back to Hockeytown (where it belongs both respected and deserving) but there’s no way it’ll happen…knowing Holland he won’t take that chance. But man it’d be great if it did, good suggestion 😉

      Go get Holland on the phone lol

  43. Saralyn says:

    Brad Stuart’s 2 mistakes cost us the 2 goals in Game 7. Still though, he’s a hard-hitting defenseman, which we need, and I think he learned a lot from his mistakes.

    Anyways, I’m not glad Hossa’s gone, but I’m not disappointed either. I mean, if he wanted to win the Stanley Cup, his best chance was most likely with us. But he just didn’t come through during the playoffs. And he comes with a HUGE price tag. Really though, a 12 year deal with Chicago?!?! I highly doubt he’ll be playing until he’s 42!

    Bring Hudler back, I’m not real worried about Samuelsson because I don’t really think we need him too much. With young guys like Hudler, Filppula, Helm, Abdelkader, and Ericsson, our future looks promising.

  44. KEVIN says:

    Wow, talk about a let down. Last year we get Hossa this year we get dick. Leino better be a stud. Cuz i don’t see it. We were lucky that Lilja was hurt, cuz he makes more bad passes and for a big guy who plays small and is afraid to go in the corner. Wow, we needed a big defenseman and some scoring and got nothing. Very dissappointed. Laperriere would have been a great fit after the b.s. that Datsyuk took from Talbot.

  45. Pingback: Top Posts «

  46. Steven says:

    Hudler was probably one of the greatest suprises this year and a MAJOR contributor, and I hate getting on my high horse on the internet, but I don’t hink a lot of people know great hockey skill when they see it, and Hudler is way above average in the talent department. Hudler is a flibbin stud!

  47. shaun-wingnut says:

    Take notice, there is a Detroit free agent that is on the cup in all four championships. One that should retire in RED and never should have left. Every time we got hit dirty during the playoffs you wondered where he was. He would take less money than any other tough guy to stay in D. So sign him already so I can wear my 25 jersey.

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