Around the Rink – July 17 Edition

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The Detroit Red Wings announced their 2009-10 regular season schedule on Wednesday afternoon. The schedule opens in Sweden with back-to-back games versus St. Louis and later includes two bouts against Pittsburgh. Due to the Olympic break in late February, the Wings’ schedule is more compressed than last season resulting in a lot of games every other day.

Scheduling Tidbits

  • In Detroit’s opening week at home, the Red Wings will play both the Chicago Blackhawks and Washington Capitals.
  • As in the past, Detroit will face primarily Central Division opponents in the last month of the regular season. In fact, seven of Detroit’s last 10 opponents will be Central Division teams.
  • You may think the Red Wings are one of the top teams in terms of travel, but not so much according to Dirk Hogan who runs the blog On the Forecheck. Detroit will travel 42,477 miles this season, but there are 13 teams that will travel farther than the Red Wings this year. Calgary will log the most miles this season (55,351) while Buffalo has the lightest travel (25,911).
  • The Wings have three sets of five-game road trips (Oct. 22-31, Jan. 2-12, and Jan. 31-Feb. 9), marking the longest stretches they will be away from home.
  • The Red Wings will play in 39 games over the weekend (Friday-Sunday). The breakdown includes 23 Saturday games (only eight of which are at home), nine Friday games (all but three will be at home), and seven Sunday games (all but one are on the road).
  • Detroit will play in 13 back-to-back games this year compared to the league average of 15.1.
  • The Wings’ longest homestand is four games from November 12-20.
  • Detroit will face the defending Stanley Cup champs at Mellon Arena on January 31 and later at the Joe on March 22.

Which games do you have circled on your calendar? Does anyone already have a road trip planned for an away game?

In Other News

Despite all the confusion regarding the Jiri Hudler to the KHL situation, GM Ken Holland will continue to negotiate with Hudler’s agent in the two weeks leading up to the arbitration hearing. Ansar Khan at clarifies that the KHL will walk away from the Hudler contract if the Wings’ agree to his salary determined at arbitration.

Bob Duff, who also freelances for, talked to experts around the league and came up with the perfect NHL player. Just a heads up, three Red Wings make the cut for certain aspects of this perfect player including captain Nicklas Lidstrom.

Despite the slow week of Red Wings’ news, the hockey blogosphere still has plenty to talk about when it comes to Detroit. Babcock’s Death Stare has a great round up on all the articles and blog posts that discussed last week’s development camp and is also cautiously optimistic about the Hudler fiasco. Winging It In Motown asks their readers, “Who is your untouchable Red Wing?” They want to get readers’ opinions on what five current players the Wings will not trade away because they are too valuable to the team. Nightmare at Helm Street is already pondering the various line combinations that the Wings could use next year.

Steve Yzerman and head coach Mike Babcock participated in a hush-hush, four-day Olympics summit for Team Canada in Vancouver.

Yesterday the Chicago Blackhawks held a press conference with two former Wings, welcoming Marian Hossa and Tomas Kopecky into the fold.

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7 Responses to Around the Rink – July 17 Edition

  1. I hope Jiri comes back, but not for the price he wants. I mean hes a good player, I dont know about multi-million good though…

    • redwingsguy96 says:

      I’m not so sure about Hudler now, his move for the money has me loosing respect for him and his commitment to the team…in the end it was really just stupid by him and his agent signing a contract before arbitration. If I were Holland I’d get bare minumum, if he puts up a fuss then let Russia have him…I just wish Holland would make a play for Heatley, you could round together a trade to bring him to Hockeytown, the Sens will take whatever they can get right now.

      Schedule looks promising, looking forward to the games in Sweden, my brothers there right now and from what I here everybody loves the Wings there, Swedes rule! I laughed at describing the Penguins as defending Champs lol, yeah the Pens won I’ll give them that but they don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of repeating…they have no idea what it takes. I’m optimistic at the Wings chances next year, I know we have a great team and always have a shot every year but after these past two playoffs going all the way to the final I’m not sure they can do it again, it just doesn’t happen in hockey nowadays- the same team in the Stanley Cup Final three years in a row. Don’t get me wrong I hope they can do it again and have another successful season but I won’t be too surprised if they’re out in the first or second round…it’s natural really, they need to get that hunger of winning-it-all back, and really the only way to do that is by losing for a few years. History doesn’t lie- 97,98…2002…2008, and almost 2009.

      Regardless Go Wings! I bleed the Red and White and will always be a Wings fan!

  2. Mr. magoo says:

    So if you want more money or ice time in Detroit you’re a traitor? It’s such BS.. losing respect for players because they dare think of getting more money or ice time. Hockey is a business for the owners and a JOB for the players. Good luck to happy. There is a train wreck coming to detroit…sooner than later.

    • redwingsguy96 says:

      Yeah some Wings fan you are…bandwaggoner. With your attitude you should be an Oilers fan lol…and that hit was nothing but a cheapshot, that talentless brute should’ve got at least a game for that disrespctful shit. Head shot and all…

      It’s funny Hudler says he loves Detroit and would’ve want to play anywhere else then he does this opting for the money, whatever Fedorov did the same thing I guess. Guys like Nick and Steve set the example, willing to take less to help the overall team 😉

  3. donny says:

    hudler come on he’s not that good after the anaheim hit he was more afraid of his own shadow than usual

  4. Chris Spinks says:

    Donny, that seriously made me lol after reading it. still i agree, he isnt all that great, sure he had a great start to the season but he fell hard and fast. and i dont think hes a traitor but he went back on his word and decided to pull a Sergei and go to Russia and piss away the rest of his career

  5. Doug Towler says:

    Hi Gang:

    Let’s just say that Jiri hudler, will have to live with the decision he’s made. We all have the right to make free will choices, but how many learn to live with them, when they don’t turn out so well ???

    The 5 untouchables would be Lidstrom, Datysuk,Zetterburg,Rafalski and Draper. You could expand the list to 10 or 12, even, but those are the top 5….

    Hopefully the Grand Rapids additions, will put the team back to where they belong, holding Lord Stanley’s CUP !!!

    Have a good training camp and get the 2009/2010 season off to a good, solid start !!!


    Doug T.

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