Around the Rink – July 22 Edition

88035036JM055_Stanley_Cup_FPhoto by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

As the slow part of the NHL off-season continues, Hockeytown Blog has the latest in Red Wings’ news including a look at Jiri Fischer and Jimmy Howard.

  • Detroit prospect Jesper Samuelsson has one more year before the Wings have to decide whether to sign him or let him go. Samuelsson made one noticeable change at development camp this year according to the Detroit Free Press, wearing a Tigers hat instead of the Yankees cap he brought last year.
  • Justin Abdelkader joined Angela Jerman in the LPGA Meijer Charity Classic pro-am last Monday (Dan Cleary and Kirk Maltby will play in the Buick Open pro-am next week). The Muskegon Chronicle writes that aside from enjoying his newfound fame,  Abdelkader is spending the summer taking a couple of Economics classes as he continues to work towards his Business degree and of course gearing up for training camp in September.
  • The Detroit Free Press tells its readers that Jimmy Howard, who will be Detroit’s backup netminder this season, is getting married on August 1. Playing on that, the headline asks if Jimmy is “Mr. Right?” for the Wings.
  • Detroit’s director of player development is the focus of a great article in The Detroit News. Jiri Fischer is the primary point of contact for Red Wings’ prospects and the article breaks down what Fischer does exactly.
  • From the Rink asked its readers to predict the 2009-10 season standings. The readers picked Detroit to finish atop the Western Conference. Chicago, San Jose, Calgary, and Vancouver round out the top five in the conference. There is still plenty of time this off-season for teams to change, but that’s what a specific sample of hockey fans had to say about the upcoming year. Hockey Jabber disagrees and ranks the Wings fourth in the conference. What do you think?
  • is a website that has a vast collection of images of NHL patches, including 27 Red Wings’ patches dating back to 1941. Most Detroit fans will recognize the “Believe” patch or the Yzerman ceremony night patch, but what about the City of Detroit 250th Anniversary patch that the Wings wore during the 1950-51 season or the war bonds patch from 1944-45?
  • Speaking of jerseys, the New York Daily News ranked the Red Wings’ jersey No. 1 in all sports.
  • The Red Wings haven’t sent out renewal letters yet for season tickets, but the Detroit Free Press reports that their 2008-09 playoff promotion resulted in a 60% renewal rate so far.
  • Reports out of Chicago say that former Wing Marian Hossa suffered a shoulder/rotator cuff injury allegedly during the playoffs. If it’s serious enough to require surgery, Hossa would be out until December.
  • On this day in Red Wings’ history, former Red Wings right wing Leo Labine was born on this date in Haileybury, Ontario.
  • Tyler at Triple Deke has been a little bored so he took to coming up with some all-time Red Wings’ line combinations, including the all “not drafted by the Red Wings in his lifetime” Detroit team and the “All Quebec” Red Wings’ squad.
  • Winging It In Motown compares the special teams data from Detroit’s 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons.
  • Former Red Wing Sergei Fedorov signed with Metallurg Magnitogorsk, a KHL team where he will join his brother Fedor, and appeared at a press conference on Monday. He told reporters that he was excited about his opportunity here and that he believed his NHL career was over.
  • Last week the NHLPA issued a memo to its members and the many national hockey federations, stating its concerns about the lack of complete insurance coverage of the players participating in the Olympic camps this summer. Wings coach Mike Babcock says that he’s not too concerned since every country is in the same boat and that “this will find a way to work itself out.”
  • Adam Proteau at The Hockey News has an entertaining look at common media cliches spoken by NHL players and management.

Think we missed something? Please share the link with us in the comment section.

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3 Responses to Around the Rink – July 22 Edition

  1. Justin says:

    It doesn’t look like Holland is going to make any moves until Hudler’s arbitration hearing is finalized. Personally, I don’t think that Hudler signed the KHL deal as a bargaining chip only to come back to Detroit after arbitration, so the fact that Holland hasn’t made any major moves yet, leads me to believe he’s got something in the works. The Red Wings have 8 forwards under contract for next season, (not counting any of the players in the minors from last season). With roughly $2 – $3 million of cap space left, look for something major to happen via trade as we approach the 09/10 season. Players like Helm, Leino, Abdelkader and Williams are an asset to any team in a cap system, but I can’t imagine Mike Babcock keeping all 4 of them in the line-up. I’ve said it repeatedly this year that if Lidstrom plans on retiring this offseason, he could find himself trade bait at the trade deadline in March 2010. Let the offers begin!

  2. Doug Towler says:

    Hi All:

    I don’t really envy Ken Hollands’ situation right now. He has to fill a few gaps in the lineup, keep his best players on board and try to get the newer,younger players to hold fast for a year or two, on their $$$ demands.. If the team chemistry can come together quickly in the new season, the Wings should be able to stay in the top 3 teams in the league…

    The $64,000.00 question is how quickly will they all gel and how much juggling has to be done to get fast and balanced units on the ice, over 3 to 4 player changes..

    Suggestions of puting players like Lidstrom or Rafalski out for trade bait, are akin to Jack Adams offering Gordie, or Sid, or Ted, whilst they were in their prime years. It should never happen or be even considered, at this time ..

    Nice to see one of the Wing’s main nemisis, going to the Flyers, one less pain in the patusi, to put up with in the regular season…

    Regards and have a great 2009/2010 Season !!!

    Doug Towler

    London, Ontario

  3. Justin says:

    I never want to see Lidstrom leave this team. EVER. But the fact is, he’s an unrestricted free agent next year. Odds are that if he wants to continue playing, it’ll be in Detroit. But if he’s going to call it quits and retire, it would be nice to get a high market value player in return. As for Rafalski, yah he’s a hometown boy, but so is Abdelkader, and if the phone rings and there’s an offer to be had, he’s on the next bus out of here. Six million dollars is way too much of a cap hit for a number 2 defenseman. Hopefully Ken Holland can re-sign Lidstrom to a few more years, but as for Rafalski, he’s nothing but high end trade bait.

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