Around the Rink – August 10 Edition

57856834Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

General Manager Ken Holland finally had a chance to take some time off this off-season after inking two players to one-year deals last week. The Detroit Free Press reports that he will stop in Oregon  to participate in his annual golf trip with some friends before heading home to Vernon, B.C.

In Other News

  • Jamie Samuelsson of the Detroit Free Press believes that the Red Wings had a solid off-season if you choose to look at the big picture (and remember that Detroit re-signed Henrik Zetterberg and Johan Franzen before the start of the playoffs). Mike Mouat of the Detroit Examiner takes a look at Detroit’s 2009-10 roster.
  • AOL’s FanHouse is ranking the top 50 current NHLers. The complete list has yet to be released, but Nicklas Lidstrom and Henrik Zetterberg came in at No. 7 and 8 respectively.
  • Snapshots tells us that prospect Tomas Tatar will be allowed to participate in Detroit’s training camp, but will not be allowed to transfer to the OHL where he would play for the local Plymouth Whalers. George Malik also has a couple of translations of interviews with Jiri Hudler as he kicks off his KHL career.
  • Want to head to Sweden and watch the Red Wings’ season-opening games? You can purchase a special package from and do just that.
  • Winnipeg Sun has some photos from the hockey charity event that Red Wing Darren Helm participated in.
  • Evan McGrath talked to the Oakville Beaver about his expectations for next season and what he hopes to accomplish at Detroit’s training camp this fall.
  • Grand Rapids Griffins’ forward Aaron Downey will host his second annual charity hockey game on August 29 in Shelbourne, Ontario.
  • While some media members have speculated the downfall of the Wings as they look to the rising Blackhawks and Blues, Edward Fraser of The Hockey News disagrees and likes the Wings’ chances this upcoming season. The Detroit Free Press believes the Chicago Blackhawks will pose as Detroit’s biggest threat in the Central Division.
  • Director John Hughes passed away on Friday. Hughes was a lifelong Red Wings’ fan and directed movie hits like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, and Home Alone.
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12 Responses to Around the Rink – August 10 Edition

  1. Jacob says:

    Our Red Wings will be faithfully good next year. They always are. A trade deadline acquisition will determine if we can come out on top. A goal scorer would suffice. I would like to see this trade: Sundin for Holmstrom and Hudlers’ rights. Or sign him for 400,000 right now! That’s pocket change for him 😦

    • Joe says:

      Sundin is ready for the Old folks home.. we dont need a rusty old has-been like Sundin on our team, he just dont have it anymore. Plus he would not be able to keep up on the rush with our players…Sundin would be a bad move in my opinion.. And how could you even consider trading Holmstrom?? Whats wrong with you? LOL Holmstrom is a BIG part of our team and trading him would be like letting the air out of one tire on your car….not good

  2. frank says:

    we need to sign a big scorer who can also play some good d

    • Kevin says:

      HYeck all our forwards are two way players that have the ability to be big time scorers….we need a top d-man in my opinion…offecnce hasnt been that much of a problem with this team for the last decade. Last year our Defence lost the finals, single handedly really but I wont name names *cough* *23 Brad Stuart*. And rememmber two ye3ars beforte against the ducks same thing happened but again I dont wanna name names of players that need to go *choke-gag-cough* *3 Andreas Lilja*.


  3. Joe says:

    Maybe we can trade Lebda and Liljia for a top scorer, one that can score in the playOffs. 😉 Im soo happy to see Huds and Sammy go, should make our team better!

    • Kevin says:

      Man I do not know about that statement6 at all! Hudler and Sammy as u called him are cheap young draper and maltby role players….they were the future of our underrated role playing game winning team. *SIGH*

  4. Justin says:

    Holmstrom isn’t going anywhere, Sundin is still useless (especially in the playoffs), and yes, the team will be better without Hudler and Samuelsson. Most people think Detroit needs to trade/sign for a big time scorer, but look no further than our top 6 guys. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Holmstrom, Franzen, Lidstrom and Rafalski are all going to have BIG numbers in the points department this season. These guys know how to score, especially when it matters most. Losing guys like Hossa, Samuelsson, Hudler, and Kopecky, will only make the team bond together to play a more solid game. I like the guys they’ve brought in so far. Patrick Eaves and Jason Williams will fit in nicely. I’d like to see them on a line with Dan Cleary or Darren Helm. As for the remaining guys on the team, Ericsson will play, but I’ve never been a big Lebda fan, and Lilija is injury proned. I’d like to see those spots filled by Delmore or Janik. Meech doesn’t seem to have long term potential as a Red Wing. Look for him to be moved at the trade deadline in March. As for Leino and Abdelkader, I think both guys are finally going to play a whole season in the NHL, but depending on the circumstances in 2010, I could see one or both of them being moved at the deadline as well.

    • Kevin says:

      Your talking about moving most of our VERy young superstar talent man….if Ken Holland does that I would be shocked. The future is what they have to think about not just nect season….Nick isnt gonna play forever…

  5. Ibleedmaizeandblue says:

    How in the hell did datsyuk not make aols top 50!!!!!

  6. Justin says:

    Who cares what AOL thinks about the NHL. Last time I checked, they’re playing for the Stanley Cup, not the AOL cup. The AOL list loses all validity if Sandy Crysby is in the top 10. If you want to compare lists, has Ville Leino as a top sleeper pick for all you poolies, so take this list with a grain of salt. Everyone in Detroit knows that Datsyuk is one of the top 10 most talented players in the NHL, and as soon as the Olympics start next year, the whole world will know what a talent Datsyuk really is. Between Russia, Sweeden, and Canada, you’re going to see some dominant hockey. May the best team (country) win.

    • Kevin says:

      Its pretty cool when Sweden wins and 6-7 of our players are on the team….tells you who the best players are for sure in the NHL…and the best TEAM IN THE NHL DA RED WINGS!! CANDY CORN POWER!!

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