Around the Rink – August 17 Edition

88035039JM177_Stanley_Cup_FPhoto by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

With training camps about a month away, the first installment of NHL power rankings have made there way out. Sports Illustrated’s Allan Muir tabbed Detroit for the No. 3 ranking behind only Pittsburgh and San Jose while placed the Red Wings in the No. 4 slot. But what do our readers think? Would you rank the Red Wings higher than that or do you think their rankings are fair assessments of the squad? Tell us in the comment section!

In Other News

  • The Wings’ HockeyFest kicks off on August 28 from 3-10 p.m. EDT for a special session for fans facing economic hardship and then on Saturday from 1-10 p.m. EDT for the general public. The interactive fan experience will showcase Q&A with players and management, including appearances from Jason Williams, Dan Cleary, and Kris Draper.
  • speculates as to which numbers the new Wings will wear on their jerseys this year.
  • Mike Mouat of the Detroit Examiner posts his scouting report for defenseman Brad Stuart.
  • While some pre-Olympic camps have opted for primarily off-ice meetings, USA Hockey will have a light workout for their players, including defenseman Brian Rafalski, who should be in the Chicago area today as camp starts tomorrow. The workout needs to be heavy enough to provide players on the bubble to try to prove themselves, but light enough to reduce the chances for injuries.
  • George Malik of Snapshots addresses the Todd Bertuzzi rumor and talks about why he thinks it doesn’t make much sense to him.
  • Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle ranks their top ten Red Wings’ videos on YouTube — all ten are definitely worth a watch.
  • For those of you hoping that the Wings would sign Vaclav Prospal, he inked a deal with the New York Rangers. Speaking of the Rangers, Mark Messier rejoined the franchise as a special assistant to president Glen Sather. He will travel to Traverse City to watch his team participate in the Wings’ prospect tournament there next month.
  • Canes Country has a list of the odds of various NHL teams winning the 2010 Stanley Cup, which the Wings lead with 4/1 odds.
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11 Responses to Around the Rink – August 17 Edition

  1. bob kaza says:

    if the veterans and top dollar players refuse to score when it’s needed… kinda like the stanley cup or if we don’t actually create a defense out of what became a giant sieve at the end of the season we will make the playoffs, but will be out in round one or two, no doubt.

  2. shaun says:

    In an olympic year I am glad to see a lot of young talent rotated into the lineup. I would still like to see one good fighter in the line up before the season, or at least the trade deadline. I think we make the playoffs, but 50 wins and a Stanley Cup. We would need the young players to be huge, the vets to stay healthy and still have energy after playing more games than any team in the last two years. Having as many or more olympians as any other team in the NHL. Of course, the NHL will suspend healthy players that opt out of the olympics. All that being said, LETS GO RED WINGS!!!

  3. kasey says:


  4. oz says:

    the red wings have broken soo many RECORDS in the last few years that they are by far the number one team!!!! so what if they lost hossa, samuelson, kopekcy, and conklin…. howard is going to start coming into his own and will beast in the next few years…. they have probably the best core group of players so i wouldn’t doubt it if they went all the way! LETS GO RED WINGS!!!

  5. ian says:

    tell the guys who wrote the power rankings list at that the only poeple tired of the wings are the mad poeple whos favorite team is always being kept from accomplishing things by the wings, and jealous poeple whos favorite team just never accomplishes anything.

  6. Matthew says:

    Pens suck

  7. Matthew says:

    pittsburgh penguins suck detroit deserves the cup totaaaly!!!!!!!!

  8. joe says:

    Wings Let the Pens Win… We needed the summer to get ready for Sweden and Babs needed the Summer to get ready for the Olympics! Think about it…

  9. Graham [UK] says:

    I am not confident with the changes in the lineup considering players that have left and ones we have gained. I live in England so I miss out on the new stories and passionate rantings so I just watch the games and don’t get into arguments about peoples favourites. It is doubtful that any younger players will be able to be of a similar calibre to any of the players we have let go, Hossa, Samuelson, Hudler, Conklin etc. So until our lineup matures I expect we will have a trophy dry spell.

    I expect we could make the 2nd round of the playoffs but I think Chicago will be one to watch this year.

  10. mike says:

    losing hossa, samuelson, conklin is understandable and i dont think will hurt the wings. But after losing hudler, thats gotta hurt! but bringing back williams and signing eaves this will be a good year!

  11. The.Priestess says:

    Todd Bertuzzi is a festering boil on the face of Hockey. Why in the sense of sportsmanship will that disease be wearing a RED jersey in the coming season ?

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