Around the Rink – April 14 Edition

Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images

The playoffs are here!

There are no more regular-season games to post recaps of, so we’re going to cut right to the chase. The Wings begin the 2010 NHL Playoffs in Phoenix tonight (10 p.m. EST), so here are what some Web sites are saying about Hockeytown’s chances this spring:

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3 Responses to Around the Rink – April 14 Edition

  1. Wings in 5 games over coyotes!!!! Kick some butt!!! “Go Wings Go”!!!!!

  2. Don says:

    Wings didn’t have the desire to win today’s game and deserved to lose against the PHX Coyotes. The first goal should have never have happened if Lidstrom would have actually tried to get the puck instead of causully skating around waiting for something to happen.

  3. Bill says:

    Goal tending…I think it’s time the Wings make a switch before falling behind 3 games to 1 against Phx. Although Howard has played admirably for a rookie and had an outstanding regular season, his playoff performance has been shaky at best. The Wings just won’t be able to salvage a whole lot of victories if it’s going to take 4+ goals a game to get a win. With more regular season experience and continued growth, perhaps he’ll be ready for the playoffs NEXT YEAR. However, why sacrifice this playoff season when you have a healthy, seasoned veteran in Chris Osgood who is a proven playoff performer? Not only has he won two cups, but during the 2008 run to the CUP stepped in and replaced a faltering Hasek to salvage their season. I say it’s time to put OZZIE in before it’s too late. I know Howard has become extremely popular in Detroit, and rightfully so, but he’s not the man for THIS moment although he will be one day. Howard fans may not want to hear about it now, but you may well regret it after a few more games if Osgood isn’t allowed to do his job…provide veteran leadership on the ice!

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