Around the Rink – April 19 Edition

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Game 3 Recap

Despite an injury to captain Shane Doan during the second period, the Phoenix Coyotes were able to top the Wings 4-2 Sunday afternoon at Joe Louis Arena. Peter Prucha’s goal halfway through the third period ended up being the game-winner. Valtteri Filppula and Johan Franzen scored for the Wings, and Jimmy Howard had 29 saves in the loss.

Here’s what the Wings’ bloggers had to say about the afternoon loss: Bleacher Report, Detroit Red Wings Blog,, Hockeytown USA, Red Wings Blog

In other news:

The official Red Wings’ Website discusses Phoenix’s timely goals, and the questionable calls that went against the Red Wings.

The Free Press’ Helene St. James reports that the Wings worked on their special teams during practice on Monday.

The Detroit News’ Chris McCosky reveals that Brian Rafalski did not practice today, but he is expected to play Tuesday.

MLive’s Ansar Khan said that at this point, coach Mike Babcock won’t be making any lineup changes for Game 4.

Bleacher Report says that the Wings better play with more intensity, or they won’t live to see the next round.

Nightmare on Helm Street is calling for fans to stay behind Jimmy Howard.

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8 Responses to Around the Rink – April 19 Edition

  1. LILJA says:

    I believe in Jimmy. I would love to see him get to kiss the CUP.

    Stay cool, Howard, the fans are with you.

    • Bill says:

      Howard is a great rookie, but we need veteran leadership!! Babcock needs to overcome his personal differences with Osgood and play him for the good of the team. We can all see that the solid, calm presence of a veteran net minder is sorely needed. Put OZZIE in now before it’s too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LILJA says:

    I have been a MARTIN LAPOINTE fan from the day I was inbtroduced to RED WING hockey. Does anybody know where is today? I hope he is enjoying whatever indeaver he has chosen.

    #20 is my guy.

  3. Bill says:

    Goal tending…I think it’s time the Wings make a switch before falling behind 3 games to 1 against Phx. Although Howard has played admirably for a rookie and had an outstanding regular season, his playoff performance has been shaky at best. The Wings just won’t be able to salvage a whole lot of victories if it’s going to take 4+ goals a game to get a win. With more regular season experience and continued growth, perhaps he’ll be ready for the playoffs NEXT YEAR. However, why sacrifice this playoff season when you have a healthy, seasoned veteran in Chris Osgood who is a proven playoff performer? Not only has he won two cups, but during the 2008 run to the CUP stepped in and replaced a faltering Hasek to salvage their season. I say it’s time to put OZZIE in before it’s too late. I know Howard has become extremely popular in Detroit, and rightfully so, but he’s not the man for THIS moment although he will be one day. Howard fans may not want to hear about it now, but you may well regret it after a few more games if Osgood isn’t allowed to do his job…provide veteran leadership on the ice!

  4. conrad says:

    the wings need to bring it, this next game, or else there done, # 44 bad game , 1 assist, but 3 good opportunities, come on put the puck in the net. lets get ossizz , in the net. Mr. Babcock don’t get out coached, set aside your differences, this is not about you and the gaolie, is about winning and the team success.

  5. Vekariaa says:

    Jimmy Howard may have had 29 saves, but the goals that he did let in were less than spectacular. For game 4, he needs to watch the short sided goals, and his defense needs to be a little more active in the zone.

  6. Ryan Dunbar says:

    It’s actually stupid let alone retarded what the Red Wings are doing to Chris Osgood. If they put him in the next game against Phoenix and he loses it’ll be all his falt. This is a load of fu**** Bull Sh**!!!! Mike Babcock has to be fired after this year. I mean the guy can’t start a veteran in the playoffs he shouldn’t be there!! Maybe he can coach Sid “Wine Ass” Crosby who’s to much of a pussy to fight but here he can attack a non fighter.

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