Around the Rink – May 3 Edition

Photo by Don Smith/NHLI via Getty Images

Game 2 Recap

The Red Wings took a 3-2 lead into the third period, but penalty trouble let the Sharks climb back into the game, and eventually win 4-3. Pavel Datsyuk, Tomas Holmstrom, and Nicklas Lidstrom scored for Detroit, and Jimmy Howard made 41 saves, but it wasn’t enough for the Wings. Joe Pavelski continued his stellar play for the Sharks, chipping in two goals and an assist. San Jose now leads the series 2-0.

The DRW bloggers discuss the game: Bleacher Report, InPlay! Magazine,, Hockeytown USA, Nightmare on Helm Street, Octopus Thrower, On the Wings, Red Wings Blog, The Triple Deke

In other news:

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4 Responses to Around the Rink – May 3 Edition

  1. Thomas Bist says:

    I agree with the Detroit Free Press. Blame the Refs, better yet how much were they paid to call all those non penalties on our wings. That was the most craziest ref’d game I ever saw, and I’m from California. The refs had to be paid . th game looke very dirty to me I was born in detroit and am an all detroit fan. that game was sickening

  2. Doug Towler says:

    Hello there:

    Am I the only one who has observed how well the players the Wings would not sign for 2009/2010, are doing with their new teams ?? The quality veteran players remaining on the team are not getting much support from the newer team members, in these play-offs !!! Maybe it’s time to look at the Coaching and Management decisions made prior to this season..

    Much has been said about the way in which Scotty Bowman handled his players on the Wings, in a personal way, but Scotty knew how to get the best out of each of his team, especially the “saucy” ones, like Shanny and Dino, without letting his personal bias, get in the way of seeing his team play to their full potential.. Can the same be said for the current coaching staff, or the management who are supporting them???

    The Wings are going to struggle for a while now, unless there are some fundamental changes in their team structure and style of play..

    Having been a Red Wings supporter since 1949, I hope I am wrong in my observations, but only time will judge that !!

    Doug Towler

  3. Mike says:

    Put Ozzie In!!! This is where he makes his money. He always steps it up in the playoffs. Just like 2008 when he stepped in for Hasek. We can still win this series!

    On a separate note, Mike Babcock is one of the best coaches in the league. Of course the players we didn’t sign are thriving with their new teams. They learned how to play in our system. Obviously we would have liked to have kept them on the team but there’s only so much they could do with the salary cap.

    Also just want to say…these refs are terrible, it’s a shame the league can’t just let the good teams be good without bringing them down with horrible officiating. It’s sickening

  4. Bill Kik says:

    I have been a Wings fan for 16 years now, and I totally agree that the officiating in Game #2 was horrendous. I have no problem with close calls going against my team, the kind that can easily go either way but must be made. Sometimes there are several such calls that don’t go our way and end up changing the outcome of the game; that’s just the nature of sports and I can live with that. However, repeated calls on virtually non-existent offenses robbed the Wings of a tremendous effort in a pivotal game. These refs should be fined and/ or otherwise disciplined by the NHL….they really were THAT BAD!!! On another note, Osgood should be played as he is the veteran with the leadership and proven ability to step it up in the playoffs, Yeah, I know Bacock dislikes Osgood because he thinks he sometimes “coasts” through regular season games and maybe he does. So what?!?! Play Howard and let him grow, mature, and develop until he is ready to lead Detroit in the playoffs. This not to say that Jimmy isn’t extremely talented, HE IS, he just isn’t quite ready yet. You have to admit that it’s easy to imagine Ozzie stopping many of the easy shots that Jimmy has let get past him at critical points in games this year thereby letting our opponent build momentum and eventually win. Please, please, play Ozzie in Game #4…he can still save us. It would take a miracle, you say. Maybe so, but if anyone can pull this off Ozzie can!!!!!!!!!!!!

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