Around the Rink – May 13 Edition

Photo by Don Smith/NHLI via Getty Images

The 2009-10 season has come to an end for the Detroit Red Wings, which means the real work for general manager Ken Holland begins. Here’s a glance around the Web to see what people are saying about the Wings’ off-season plans:

Here’s a glance around the DRW blogs:

  • Babcock’s Death Stare looks at the Wings’ off-season plans.
  • Bingo Bango reflects on the Wings’ struggles this season.
  • Bleacher Report says the Wings should be flattered when they look at the Western Conference Finals.
  • Motown Wings offers their thoughts on the season and the future of the Wings.
  • Nightmare on Helm Street talks about the possibility of Steve Yzerman leaving for another team’s GM position.
  • Octopus Thrower says the Wings have made the hockey world a better place.
  • On the Wings says they are still proud of the Wings after the season has ended.
  • Word on a Wing says the Wings won’t be targeting any big-name free agents.
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One Response to Around the Rink – May 13 Edition

  1. redwingsguy96 says:

    A tough end to such a tight, injury-filled year…here’s my thoughts on what the Wings should do next season:

    I was going over their roster for next season and what they will need to work on to be better and above all be ready when the puck drops on 10-11. Here’s what I think.

    First off I’m glad to hear Nick will be back for at least another year, meaning really we have a shot again next season πŸ˜‰ On the other hand (like the departure of Stevie Y) Detroit will eventually have to deal with this reality and move on.

    Detroit has about 15 million to work with currently, first up to my pleasure Jiri Hudler will be returning after skipping town last year to play in Russia’s KHL. He’s already said he will be coming back to honor the rest of his contract so that’s good news, Hudler is small but has the possibility to be a very good player, definetly a top-6 forward and his contract is a steal for a player of his calibar. A few other veteran Wings still undecided on their futures in Hockeytown are Maltby and Holmstrom, both players are getting up there but in my view worth bringing back at a cheaper price tag. Maltby kills a lot of penalties and just got his shoulder repaired, I think he’s good to go for next year. I was thinking Homer might benefit from a year off however, he’s had multiple surguries the past few years and his body is starting to break down. I don’t want him coming back then having another hernia or blown knee forcing him out. Both players are worth their weight in experience and leadership.

    The UFA’s are a little easier to deal with, dump them, simple as that. Bertuzzi, Williams and May aren’t good fits for Detroit, the players are past their prime and we need more scoring. Bertuzzi especially, the guy has shades of greatness but is far too hot/cold, he makes really stupid decisions with the puck. The RFA’s are a different story. Helm, Abdelkader, Miller and Eaves all should be resigned. Helm and Abbie are no-brainers, future of the team but Miller and Eaves had stand-out years and will give us that depth we rely on, they kill penalties and score timely goals, plus I love Patty Eaves, he’s one of my favorite Red Wings πŸ˜‰

    Now as for the D we know about Nick now but Wings still need an upgrade in this department no question. Lilja and Lebda are great team guys but when push comes to shove they need to jump, just not good enough, they’ll be great pickups for other teams though, especially Lebda, he’s got great wheels we simply need an upgrade and these guys aren’t getting it done. The main core is under contract but I think next season is a make or break year for Eriksson, he hasn’t turned into the prospect we’d hoped for. Goaltending will remain as is but if Wings come across an oppportunity to snag a good goaltender for a decent price, they might want to take it.

    Big thing I noticed that Detroit needs to fix is defense, it’s a staple of our structured style but was very weak this year, too many goals from easy access and running around. That and the face-off circle, Detroit really needs to address that, we used to be unbelievable at the draw but after watching the postseason it’s an area of concern. No way San Jose and Phoenix are that good in the circle, the problem is us. Two things Wings need to add is a new defenceman and a couple scoring/sniper forwards and a grinder. Some possibilities I like (gauged of course by how much we can afford)- Teemu Selanne, Brendan Morrison (good at the draw), Prospal, Tucker, Lehtinen. Shaone Morrison, Jordan Leopold, Jay McKee and Martin Skoula might be good fits for our defence. Not all these guys of course just the pick of the litter of who we can afford and help us next year.

    At the end of the day Detroit needs to get that hunger that won those 4 Cups back and the only way to do that is by tasting defeat, probably still a few more years to go lol.

    Whatever the case you gotta love their chances next year once again…

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