Around the Rink – May 27 Edition

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

For the first time in his professional career, Steve Yzerman will be a part of a different NHL club. The legendary Red Wing and hall-of-fame inductee last year is now the general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Here’s a look around the Internet in regards to Yzerman’s new job, and other Wings’ news:

The DRW bloggers share their thoughts on Yzerman’s departure: Big Red Machine, Bingo Bango,, Eight Legged Freaks, Motown Wings, Octopus Thrower, On the Wings, Out of Bounds, Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle, The Production Line

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6 Responses to Around the Rink – May 27 Edition

  1. jamiefavreau says:

    I will miss him but this is a great fit for him. It will be weird to have a Red Wings organization with out him in it. But you have to seize the opportunity and I am grateful we have had him in the Red Wings as long as we have.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Tampa is really lucky. Hope he’ll return some day. Probably sucessing Kenny Holland when he’s done in some years. Anyway, he’ll always be a red wing. And I’m sure the wings have s special place in his heart too. Good luck.

  3. Sammyjoe says:

    Hey as far as i am concerned; Stevey is just another trader don’t get me wrong i luv the guy and everything he’s done.But really who do you think got you where you are Steve? If it;s all about the money, then you are being selfish, and that is so out of character for you. think about that!…ohhh and leave halak at Montreal…they need him
    Long time Detroit fan!

    • yzerman always says:

      Sammy–I have to say I agree with you somewhat–I consider myself a long time diehard Stevie fan–also I am a huge collector of Yzerman stuff (you name it I got it) and consider my collection to likely be among the most comprehensive around–so naturally after hearing of his departure I was very angry and felt betrayed–I felt it was out of character for the man I thought I sort of knew–Stevie never did anything for personal glory, money, or otherwise–simply to win and play well and improve himself and the team–this move feels very selfish and egotistical on his part–why does he feel the need to proove himself in another facet of the game–he is already one of the greatest hockey players of all time–how much money is enough–and what price is worth removing your family from their support system to move to a city that is one of the most disgusting that I have lived in–since the announcement, each day has been easier with less anger–I support him and always wish him the best–I just dont really understand why there was such a hurry to do this, joining an average club in the worst division in hockey–I guess it was inevitable but at this time the only solace I can find is that we will not be competing directly against him (i.e. Red Wings play Tampa Bay, not Ken Holland V. Steve Yzerman)–Ken Holland is a fantastic human and deserves all he gets–if Stevie couldnt be patient enough to move up in the workplace like the rest of the world than so be it–I only dream of the day he returns and I get the chance to spend some time with him again (plus he owes me some signatures for my game worn jerseys–his words not mine)–but dont get me wrong, I am NOT looking for Kenny to leaave anytime soon–on the contrary I am thrilled about the contract extension–he deserves it and it still means that when my family comes to town from California, Kenny, as always, will have us as guests to the arena for morning skates or practice as he has done for the past several years–regardless I can still wear my game worn captain’s sweater to games to show my undying support for the team and our greatest captain (no disrespect to Nick Lidstrom who is one of the greatest and is always so generous and friendly when we get a chance to talk to him–all said Stevie is not called “The Captain” just because it sounds catchy–man I can ramble–GO WINGS–lets make some moves and reload for next season with “Top Jimmy” patrolling the crease

  4. RedWingsRed says:

    Ive watch Stevie throughout his entire career and he gave us the best years of his life, to call him a “Trader” is selfish and ridiculous. Good luck on your next adventure Stevie and thank you for all you have done for this franchise. I will continue to be a fan and wait for the day you return to HockeyTown to take over Kenny’s Job… Good luck and God bless!

  5. redwingsguy96 says:

    Good luck Steve, we’ll miss you in Hockeytown 😉

    I get the feeling he’ll be back someday however, Holland can’t run things forever. A great opportunity and I don’t harber any ill feelings for him taking it.

    Good luck with the Lightning, perhaps a Detroit/Tampa Bay SC Finals will happen soon 😉

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