Around the Rink – June 2 Edition

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Hockeytown fans will be able to sleep easier now; captain Nicklas Lidstrom will be back next year. The Wings’ leader on the blue line has agreed to a one-year deal to remain with the only NHL club he has ever skated for. Here’s a look around the Web to see what people are saying about Lidstrom’s return, and some other Red Wings news:

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6 Responses to Around the Rink – June 2 Edition

  1. redwingsguy96 says:

    (Sigh) of relief for sure for Hockeytown…and he hasn’t ruled out coming back after next year too 😉 As long as the Wings have Nick back on that blueline they’ll be a contender, otherwise I see Detroit having to start a rebuild after so many years of winning. Unfortunetly it’s a reality they’ll have to face eventually.

    I posted my complete thoughts on what the Wings need to do in the May 13th edition of the blog but here’s a quick rundown:

    Dump: Bertuzzi, Williams, May, Lebda, Lilja.

    Bertuzzi is too hot/cold, at times he has shades of greatness but more than often he makes really stupid decisions with the puck. I noticed that all year long. Williams and May aren’t good fits for Detroit, we need more scoring. More than ever though Wings need to upgrade their D, Lebda and Lils are great team guys but they just aren’t good enough for Detroit’s needs on the back-end. They’ll be great pickups for another team however, especially Lebda, he’s got great wheels, they need a change of scenery and will do better elsewhere. This is a make or break year for Eriksson I believe, he’s underachieved and not turned into the prospect hoped for yet.

    Keep: Helm, Eaves, Abbie, Holmstrom, Miller, Maltby.

    Helm and Abbie are no-brainers, future of the team but Miller and Eaves had stand-out years and will give us that depth we rely on, they kill penalties and score timely goals, plus I love Patty Eaves, he’s one of my favorite Red Wings 😉

    Some possibilities for signing I like (gauged of course by how much we can afford)- Teemu Selanne, Brendan Morrison (good at the draw), Prospal, Tucker, Lehtinen. Shaone Morrison, Jordan Leopold, Jay McKee and Martin Skoula might be good fits for our defence. Not all these guys of course just the pick of the litter of who we can afford and help us next year.

    If Wings want to seriously compete next year for the Cup they’ll need to make some adjustments for sure, anyhow, you gotta love their chances now with Nick coming back 😉

    • Bo says:

      I´m glad to read the announcement that the old Vasterasplayer Niklas Lidstrom get another year with the Wings AND now Homer! That´s great! But, i`m missing Leino!

      • redwingsguy96 says:

        He wasn’t doing anything for the team, they had to let him go. Detroit gave him the opportunity but he just wasn’t producing, he’s doing great as a Flyer and it’s fun watching him blossom though…just goes to show you all some players need is a change of scenery to become better.

        And congrats to Homer, two year contract, I hope he can stay healthy, his injuries have piled up over the past couple years. I’ve heard the rumors too, please Ken DO NOT resign Bertuzzi lol, we can do much better 😉

    • randy carrier says:

      i agree with getting rid of all those players except burtuzzi .todd gives us his heart and some mistakes.but he brings us some respect which we badly need on the tuffness side.i think hes got a few good yrs left.he is still the tuffest guy on our team and we need more like him. our defense is to soft around the net.thier should be bodies flying all over the place.our forwards and centers are way toughfer than our deffensive core.this has to be fixed or it wont matter who is in goal.randy

  2. redwingsguy96 says:

    Nah, a player like Tucker or any other random tough guy would be better than Bertuzzi. He’s just not a good fit for Detroit, they can do better. Maybe bring him back for far less if possible, otherwise let him go and get somebody else cheaper.

    • randy carrierr says:

      tucker is no where as a goal scorer as todd.todd has done a great job in detroit.i watched all the games.i say keep him.

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