Around the Rink – June 23 Edition

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Red Wings will be well represented at the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremonies again this year, as senior vice president Jimmy Devellano and former player Dino Ciccarelli were both selected to be part of the 2010 class. Here’s a look around the web for all things Red Wings:

Here’s a look at what the DRW bloggers are talking about:

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One Response to Around the Rink – June 23 Edition

  1. Doug Towler says:

    Hi ALL:

    Nice to see Dino,(SuperPest !!), finally getting his recognition due him, for all the bruises and knocks he took in front of opposing goalies,(long before Homer et al were heard of ), plus the bang up plays he was involved in, in each game !!!

    Now let Devellano,Holland and Babcock go out and find 3/4 more players in the style,like Dino played, so that Detroit does not become a “wussy” team, as they’ve appeared in the last few years. Remember what Shanny, and his type of player brought to this team, GUTS and Strength, not flashy figure skating displays !!!

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