Around the Rink – December 3 Edition

Hockey doesn’t share the same culinary lore as its baseball and football counterparts. Cracker Jack and Hot Dogs are associated with balls and strikes. Tailgating, whether it be at Michigan Stadium, or around Ford Field, is joined at the hip with what takes place between the hash marks.

And that’s why we love our bloggers.

Though the U.S. celebrated Election Day just a month ago and our fans have managed to rack up write-in votes for Jimmy Howard’s All-Star candidacy, the taste buds of the Winged Wheel nation have gone viral.

Yes, we’re talking about ‘Operation Curly Fries.’

We aren’t taking any sides, but our fans are quite passionate about their Curly Fries, and a promotion by Arby’s and FOX Sports Detroit that scores them free food whenever a Red Wing player nets a Hat Trick.

The polls are now open at the FS-D website, pitting the Curly Fry against the Junior Roast Beef. The winner will be announced during next weekend’s The Big Chill at The Big House between Michigan and Michigan State.

Our friends over at The Production Line have been leading the effort on behalf of the Curly Fry. Though as I write this post, two people have ‘Tweeted’ at us imploring people to vote for Roast Beef.

(This blog post is also making yours truly very hungry, as you can imagine.)

Greg Wyshynski over at Yahoo’s Puck Daddy Blog is one of the Fry’s biggest celebrity endorsements, while the Winged Wheel blog has dubbed itself the Karl Rove of the campaign.

“We need curly fries. It’s like replacing Dick York with Dick Sargent on “Bewitched,” writes Beards of War.

Picking between Curly Fries and the Junior Roast Beef is like trying to decide between seeing Datsyuk dangle, or an opposing player being Kronwalled. It’s hard to lose either way, not to mention another example of the most dedicated and passionate fan base in the National Hockey League.

And though I’d love to continue, there’s a slice of Little Caesars pizza upstairs with my name on it.


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Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings
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