Around the Rink – December 13th Edition

Not your ordinary hockey weekend, eh?

Two games. Two wins. One in front of an electric crowd at Joe Louis Arena, while the other featured boisterous Wing Nuts who ventured to the Prudential Center in Newark.

As an organization, we were thrilled to play a part in Saturday’s Big Chill at the Big House, a 5-0 victory for the University of Michigan in front of a record 113,411 fans.

In the weeks leading up to the Big Chill, Red Wings TV spoke with players who had attended both schools, including our own Justin Abdelkader and Drew Miller. But the biggest indication of the event’s magnitude came on Friday morning, when coach Mike Babcock expressed the desire to be part of such an event in the future.

“To me it’s a slam dunk. The facilities are already set up. We could have played this game out there (at Michigan Stadium). It would have been a good deal.”

It was also exciting to see so many of you come out for our first Official Viewing Party at Motor City Casino. You couldn’t beat a Saturday night of Red Wings hockey, free pizza, dollar drafts, autographs and giveaways. If you didn’t get the opportunity, check out the next event on December 23.

Also had the chance to chat with Pavel Datsyuk for the first time since his home country was awarded the 2018 World Cup by FIFA.

“It’s going to be unbelievable,” Datsyuk. “It is going to be great for soccer and great for Russia.”

Datsyuk is a self-admitted soccer fan, though the Swedes lead the Wings pregame soccer circle. You’d think that given his puck handling ability that he’d be the best player on the team.

“It is very much like hockey,” Datsyuk said. “Chip and score. Chip and score.”

And with the Los Angeles Kings in town, it was nice to catch up with Jack Johnson on the Big Chill and the travel hurdles he cleared to become the first active NHL player to march in an Olympic Opening Ceremony.


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