Around the Rink – December 22nd Edition

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Red Wings

With the Red Wings playing 41 regular season games away from Joe Louis Arena, an average NHL player becomes an All-Star jet setter.

Frequent road trips and the plane rides that go with them leave the Zetterberg’s, Datsyuk’s, Cleary’s and Holmstrom’s of the world with something they don’t have too much of…

Free time.

“Some of the guys will sleep and others will play cards,” said Patrick Eaves. “A lot of the guys will watch TV shows, or a movie to pass the time.”

Opinions differ on who is the locker room’s resident entertainment expert is, but that is to be expected with so many different personalities.

“Danny Cleary is a show guru,” notes Kris Draper. “He is always ahead of the game on the latest and greatest, keeping us in the loop.”

Jiri Hudler claims that Zetterberg is his go-to guy, citing shows like Family Guy and Seinfeld as his popular picks. One thing is for certain, an iTunes gift card would be a welcome sight under the tree of your favorite player, with many loading up on shows just for those road trips.

As for Hudler’s favorite episode of Seinfeld, which he dubbed as a ‘classic’, his answer needed only four words.

“No soup for you!”


About Jake Duhaime

Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings
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One Response to Around the Rink – December 22nd Edition

  1. mary bassett says:

    i think the referees should be fined or something for not blowing the whistle and giving a penalty to the player that tripped pavel datsyuk and broke a bone in his hand since they penalize our team for every little thing. we fans notice this goes on all the time.go wings we love you.

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