Around the Rink – January 21st Edition

As an organization, we get thousands of emails each day. While most are dedicated to the day-to-day operations of running a hockey club, a few truly stand out.

The photo above is of Lieutenant Commander Geno Salvatore flying the Winged Wheel over Afghanistan on an F/A-18. His wife Jess proudly provided the picture with warm wishes to the entire crew aboard the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier.

The 5-year-old nephew of our video guy Sean Galvin constructed this work of art out of Legos. The attention to detail is quite impressive, especially the season-ticket-holder riding alongside the famed Al Sobotka in the Zamboni.

  • It was great meeting everyone who came out to the Official Viewing Party at Motor City Casino on Tuesday night. We were also happy to be joined by FS-Detroit, who will feature the Social Media Command Center on the next edition of Wingspan.
  • We’re all trying to figure out what will happen with Evgeni Nabokov, as is the rest of the league.
  • George Malik has more on the moves that could make a potential Nabokov move happen.
  • On the Wings has a wrap-up of the Wings 4-3 overtime victory over St. Louis.

About Jake Duhaime

Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings
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