Around the Rink – January 24th Edition

Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images

Talk about a whirlwind.

Cory Emmerton was called up to the big club just hours before the Red Wings and Blackhawks met in a Saturday afternoon showdown. After spending a few hours navigating I96, the rookie took the ice in his first NHL game, scoring his first NHL goal, the lone highlight in a 4-1 loss to arch-nemesis Chicago.

That you knew. What you didn’t know is that the St. Thomas, Ontario native drove back to Grand Rapids because he never had time to grab his things.

“I had my suit and my equipment and that was pretty much it,” Emmerton said. “I spent Sunday in Grand Rapids, grabbed the basics and drove back to Detroit last night.”

“There are some good malls around here and whatnot, so I’m going to relax, figure it out and take in the experience.”

With a good night’s sleep under his belt, the 22 year-old Emmerton could get back to hockey.

“I was lucky to come and jump right into a game,” Emmerton said. “This being practice, I picked up on how much quicker things are here. How everything is so precise, right on the tape.”

“You have to be aware at all times.”

Other Emmerton tidbits…

He is a big weights guy, especially during the season.

“You feel that much better and it makes practices that much easier if you can get a good lift in.”

When the season ends, a pair of sneakers and a rubber ball replaces the skates and pucks of winter. While the sport lives in Emmerton’s blood, ball hockey, not ice, is the summer sport of choice.

“You don’t have the luxury of gliding on your feet, so you’re constantly running, moving. It’s a great workout.”

And to gear up for those intense workouts, Emmerton is a breakfast type of guy.

“I’m really into eggs and egg whites are my favorite. I look forward to breakfast every morning and load up as needed. It makes it a little bit easier to go on with my day after that.”

  • Abel to Yzerman has a breakdown of Monday’s Mike Babcock press conference.
  • Clay Aiken is singing the U.S. National Anthem at the All-Star Game in Carolina, a move that is not too popular with the locals.

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