Around the Rink – Fantasy Draft Edition

As if being the last overall selection wasn’t bad enough, Alex Ovechkin was ready to capture the moment on his Blackberry.

While Nicklas Lidstrom is the only Red Wing player attending this weekend’s All-Star festivities, our organization is sending a few staff members to the event and the annual NHL Meetings, which take place on Monday and Tuesday.

We leave tomorrow, arriving just in time to catch the NHL SuperSkills competition at the RBC Center.

As far as the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft is concerned, Team Lidstrom used its first selection on Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos, its last pick for Maple Leafs forward Phil Kessel, and in an ironic twist, selected Marc Andre Fleury, the man who made the game-winning save of Lidstrom to secure the 2009 Stanley Cup for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Other highlights:
– The Sedin brothers were split up for the first time with Henrik sporting the Team Lidstrom blue, while Daniel will suit up for Team Staal.

– Watching Jonathan Toews sitting there, just waiting for Lidstrom and Kane to call his name was reminiscent of Brady Quinn’s lengthy wait at the NFL Draft a few years back, except for the fact that Toews is the captain of the reigning Stanley Cup champions.

– Patrick Kane and Eric Staal said “your boy” or “my boy”, so many times that I lost count. Martin St. Louis also threw out a “my boy” while announcing the selection of fellow University of Vermont Catamount Tim Thomas.

– Alexander Ovechkin snapping a Blackberry picture of Phil Kessel sitting all alone as the last pick was quite comical. Kessel received a new car as gratitude for his brief moment of public humiliation.

– Nicklas Lidstrom was caught on microphone admitting how young he thought Jeff Skinner looked, without acknowledging that he is more than two decades older than the youngest All-Star in NHL history.

All in all, a good night for the league and a good way to spice up the All-Star Game. As far as a pick is concerned? We’re biased, so we’re taking Team Lidstrom in a high-scoring affair.


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3 Responses to Around the Rink – Fantasy Draft Edition

  1. I didn’t think I would even watch this draft. But in the end, I found it comical and worth the time. Even though it was rehearsed it was worth it to hold me over until the end of the All Star Break and my Red Wings get on the ice. The fact their was ONLY one Red Wing and ONE Maple Leaf and they are both on the same team is kind of ironic. Go Lidstrom for getting Stamkos and Kopitar!!

  2. shena says:

    I have heard a LOT about it, but it should still be entertaining. What else is there to watch on Friday night anyway?

  3. I half watched the draft reruns on NHL network today probably about three times while I was doing a few other things. What I saw was pretty entertaining. I think hockey players are typically pretty uptight in interviews, but surprisingly they were relatively loose. Looking forward to the game Sunday.

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