Around the Rink – February 2nd Edition

The Wings talked about their favorite snowy memories before the Blizzard of 2011 hit Michigan

If there was a story that defined what a fantastic job the Hurricanes and the people of Raleigh did hosting the All-Star Game, it happened after we arrived home in Detroit.

While our staff managed to fend off the impending snowstorm, making a 5:50 A.M. flight back to Detroit on Tuesday, others weren’t so lucky. The Blues and Avalanche had to cancel their scheduled showdown at the Scottrade Center. Interstate 70 was closed for the first time in its history. O’Hare and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport were also forced shut down, the latter with Super Bowl festivities kicking into full swing.

The Hurricanes hosted the stranded, both from NHL clubs and the NHL as VIP guests for their game against the Boston Bruins last night, an offer that happened to hit my inbox after we had unpacked and returned to office activity as usual. It was a completely unsolicited and a truly generous offer that summed up the experience.

Kudos to Raleigh, the Hurricanes and the people of the Research Triangle for a job well done!

  • Michael Farber of Sports Illustrated writes that Raleigh was the real star of All-Star weekend.
  • Detroit watched the All-Star Game in record numbers. Maybe that Team Lidstrom idea had something to do with it?

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One Response to Around the Rink – February 2nd Edition

  1. Charly says:

    I was casually watching the Wings game last night – 02/02/11 vs the Sens (cooking dinner at the same time,) and I heard Hen Daniels mention something about a player who got a staph infection after a knee surgery, and that they had to “remove all the metal screws trying to get to it,” and that for a bit “they were worried about saving his leg.” Did andybody else hear this and remember who the player was? Thanks in advance.

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