Around the Rink – February 10th Edition

Mike Babcock must be a fan of the movie Miracle, because after Wednesday’s 4-1 loss to Nashville, he started to sound like U.S. Olympic Team coach Herb Brooks.

“We’re not going to work in games? You can bet we’ll work in practice,” Babcock said. “We’re going to get some work ethic back because there’s no way we’re going to have 22,000 people watching us play like that. That’s absolutely unacceptable.”

The famous scene from the 2004 Disney film, a real life depiction of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, didn’t end with Mike Eruzione saying he played for the United States of America, but when Mark Johnson smashed his stick against the glass from having to do the Herbie drill one too many times.

The scene may have also been over-Disnified, just a tad.

So the Wings head to the land of Mike Eruzione slightly clipped, but not tattered. Once there, they’ll find a Bruin club that spent almost as much time in the penalty box on Wednesday than they did on the ice, highlighted by goaltender and Flint’s own Tim Thomas asking Carey Price if he wanted to fight.

The end result was similar to Thomas’ famed flop in the fastest skater competition, with a butterfly goaltender finding the ground.

  • The Production Line goes on a Wings road trip. This is a very good behind the scenes read for Wings fans!

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2 Responses to Around the Rink – February 10th Edition

  1. Bryan Converse says:

    I hope that the Wings will pull together and get back to the basics. when everyone is healthy and gets ont he same page all should be fine. My issue is the mental mistakes that are being made. This has nothign to do with the physical aspect that takes time to jell. They are “professionals” and the mental mistake…there are no reason why they should be taking place. It needs to turn around tonight. They need not to feel pressure…it is still a game. Go play!

  2. iwish the nhl would go back to the old point system 2 for win 1 for tie game no shoot out.players would really skate instead of contracts pay players buy the game if theyre not skating send them down bring up fresh players who want to play

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