Around the Rink – February 24th Edition

There are times when Jake Duhaime, the Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings, will use this space to discuss Social Media and the National Hockey League. His views are meant to enlighten, provoke thought, and do not represent the organization, management, or the team itself. You can also find his musings/ramblings on Twitter under the handle @jakeduhaime.

The Internet went abuzz earlier this week with a story in the New York Times that claimed young people were ditching blogs as other means of Social Media have grown.

While it may have caused some to raise an eyebrow, the news itself isn’t really new. Once upon a time, Facebook was a strictly-college based means of dating and procrastination. Now, the site is at the very core of the next generation of communication, with companies like Degree and Chevrolet encouraging consumers to go directly to the brand’s Facebook page in lieu of their official website.

It wasn’t long ago that athletes used personal websites as a means of embracing and extending their own personal brand. Yet, websites cost money, take time, and ultimately, need content to survive. When a pair of convenient platforms came along, the athlete website became less and less prevalent, to the point that athletes and the media started to break news, share photos, and even greet fans using Twitter and Facebook.

We have an amazing team of dedicated Red Wings bloggers that I enjoy reading on a regular basis. One of those bloggers, Christy Hammond, eventually worked her way up and is now the team’s Community Service Coordinator. Others have been absolutely incredible raising money to get a Brazilian counterpart named Herm to Joe Louis Arena for the first time. It should also come as no surprise that nearly all of our bloggers, including the famed George Malik, are quite active in Social Media.

Young people ARE blogging less, as the New York Times article points out, with more preferring to use social media as a means of communicating with their friends, receiving news, or even a popular brand. One of the biggest questions we receive on a frequent basis is the Twitter handles of our players and beat writers, largely because the site has become a critical component for so many to stay in touch with the sport.

Just like with music, where the record turned into the cassette tape, which turned into the CD and then the MP3, media has undergone a similar transformation of compactness. We as a society have gone from reading 30 different newspapers in 30 different NHL cities, to simply loading up by Blackberry, going to the Twitter app and having a news feed from all of those sources and more.

And probably more exciting, we’ve gone from a society that went from being able to watch limited out-of-market games, to possibly being able to watch games on YouTube in the near future.


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Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings
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3 Responses to Around the Rink – February 24th Edition

  1. Justin says:

    I Sure am glad Modano didn’t play last night… They almost won.

  2. Justin says:

    Please tell me the Wings put in a claim for Pascal Leclaire.

    • Justin says:

      or what about Conklin? He was a solid #2 for us before.
      The good thing with him is, all the outdoor games are over with this year, so not many teams will be interested in him.

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