Around the rink – Create YOUR moment!

Hey fans,

We’re encouraging YOU, our awesome Social Media followers to break out the cameras and show off your creativity for the first ever Detroit Red Wings viral video campaign.

Using our 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs tagline – ‘Don’t Miss a Moment’ as a springboard, we’re asking fans to showcase the moments they don’t want to miss come playoff time.

For example: Don’t miss a moment. Don’t miss the memories. Don’t miss the history. Don’t miss the octopus. Don’t miss 20 years of playoff excellence.

This is open to EVERYBODY, young and old, local, national and international!

The fine print:

  • Videos should be 1-3 minutes in length. They can go over or under, but with good reasoning, like a really great video.
  • Videos should stay within the ‘Don’t miss a …’ theme.
  • Videos should be uploaded to your own personal YouTube account and submitted to Please submit your name, hometown and email address, much like our Social Media fans of the day.
  • As far as music is concerned, if YouTube allows you to upload a piece of music, it is fine with us. Please do not use any previous game footage.
  • Please refrain from obscenities.

We’re going to take our favorite videos and showcase them on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, the Hockeytown Blog and more. Wow us! Have fun! Share your spirit! This is all about you!

Thanks for being a fan!

DRW Social Media

P.S. We’ll start posting videos as we receive them, no need to wait on your creation.


About Jake Duhaime

Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings
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One Response to Around the rink – Create YOUR moment!

  1. Faye says:

    I’m a lifetime fan of the Detroit Redwings, and get terribly upset over the numerous head injuries the Hockey teams seem to be suffering from this year. I’ve seen the Hockey league make numerous changes to protect the players over the years, and wonder why no one has re-designed the helmet to better protect the player from concussions. With new technologies and materials, it shouldn’t be that hard to do; Or that expensive. Think of all the injuries the league would avoid. Thank-you for listening. Faye Stillwell

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