Around the Rink – Playoff Schedule Released

The Stanley Cup Playoff logo now graces the ice at Joe Louis Arena

Now the real fun begins.

After 82 regular season games, the Red Wings have a playoff opponent in the Phoenix Coyotes.

The dates and times are as follows.
GAME 1 – April 13th – Joe Louis Arena – 7:00 P.M. (HOME GAME 1)
GAME 2 – April 16th – Joe Louis Arena – 1:00 P.M. (HOME GAME 2)
GAME 3 – April 18th – at Phoenix – 10:30 P.M.
GAME 4 – April 20th – at Phoenix – 10:30 P.M.
GAME 5 – April 22nd – Joe Louis Arena – 7:00 P.M. (HOME GAME 3) – If necessary
GAME 6 – April 24th – at Phoenix – TBD – If necessary
GAME 7 – April 27th – Joe Louis Arena – TBD (HOME GAME 4) – If necessary

The other series are as follows.

1) Washington vs. 8 ) New York Rangers
2) Philadelphia vs. 7) Buffalo
3) Boston vs. 6) Montreal
4) Pittsburgh vs. 5) Tampa Bay

1) Vancouver vs. 8 ) Chicago
2) San Jose vs. 7) Los Angeles
3) Detroit vs. 6) Phoenix
4) Anaheim vs. 5) Nashville

As we all know, the Wings and Coyotes met last season in a seven game series, Vancouver and Chicago will meet for the third season in a row. Boston and Montreal meet for the third time in four seasons and the 33rd time overall. This is the first time all three teams from California have made the playoffs in the same season, with LA and San Jose squaring off in the first round.

Our friends at Winging it in Motown are holding a prediction contest where they will guess the winners of each playoff series all the way through the Stanley Cup Final. They are offering prizes from their site for the winner, but they are also allowing readers the option of giving money to the Humane Society in support of Patrick Eaves and the “get out of the doghouse” campaign, in order to be eligible for additional prizes.


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5 Responses to Around the Rink – Playoff Schedule Released

  1. Paul Rakoczy says:

    What is going on with Osgood? I don’t hear anything.

  2. Justin says:

    I used to think Mike Babcock was a class act. What was the point of signing Mike Modano if you’re not going to utilize his tallents. Can anyone honestly argue that Abdelkader helps the team more than Modano? Apparently Babcock feels that one of the best faceoff leaders of all-time is of little or no importance to the Detroit Red Wings. In a pre-game statement Babcock said, “The team is better off without him.” Does anyone remember Chris Chelios’ final season in Detroit? It might be hard to do so considering that he rode the bench the entire playoffs that year, but during that playoff run, a comment came out of San Jose from Jeremy Roenick: “Mike Babcock hates Americans.” At the time, I thought what a ridiculous comment to make, why would Roenick even say something like that? However, with the current Modano situation, you have to wonder if there’s any truth to that statement. Also, don’t forget about what happened late in the season. With 5 games left, Modano needed 5 games to reach 1500 in his career. I’m sure most of you know, Modano was made a healthy scratch for the game in Minnessota resulting in him finishing the season with 1499 carreer games played. Babcock justified the move by saying “We brought him here to win the Stanley Cup, not to get him 1500 career games. With unnecessary moves like these, it kinda makes you wonder, does Babcock really hate Americans, or is there more going on here that they’re not telling us? Hopefully the Detroit Red Wings didn’t ruin Mike Modano’s Dallas/Minnessota legacy just to bench him in the playoffs, because that would be the biggest act of disrespect I’ve seen in quite a while.

  3. Justin says:

    Maybe they’re saving Modano for the finals.

  4. Justin says:

    Who’s better, Modano or Miller? Modano or Eaves? Modano or Abdelkader? I believe the answer to all 3 is Modano, however, he has yet to appear in the post season thus far. What does this say to any veterans around the league who might be thinking about signing with Detroit come July 1st? Come play for us, we need you, we want you to help us in the playoffs. No. This poor act of disrespect to a veteran player says that regardless of who you are, if you’re an American born player don’t bother trying to make the Detroit Red Wings.

  5. When are we going too get a true enforcer in Detroit? I for one am sick of bigguys taking freeshots at our guys that either don’t know how too fight or are scared to do so, i wish iwas 25 years younger i’d go to a detroit skate around just too see if i could make the team all i know is i am sick of the guys in the NHL that think Detroit is a bunch of cupcakes and won’t fight back, Probert would roll over in his grave if he didnt do anything about the free cheap shots that are taken on our players. The officials dont do jack about it so we need too get someone in here that will.

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