The “I’ll smile in June” first round wrap up!

There was a lot to like about the Red Wings four game sweep over Phoenix.

– 13 different Red Wings scored, which is exactly the display of depth you need at this time of year.

– Unlike last year’s Phoenix series, which went to seven grueling games, including three trips to Arizona, the Red Wings will be able to take it easy over the next few days as the other Western Conference playoff clubs beat each other up.

– Jimmy Howard looked like a playoff veteran, capping off the series by telling FOX Sports Detroit’s John Keating that he’ll ‘smile in June.’

– It all happened without the services of Henrik Zetterberg and a banged up Johan Franzen in Game 4. Both were deemed ‘good to go’ by Mike Babcock once the next series starts, whenever that might be.

While the Red Wings sit back and wait for a second round opponent, Coyotes fans are wondering if their team will be around for the 2011-12 season. The saga is nothing new, but NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman seems determined to find a resolution. Our fans, and we do have a fair number of them that attend games at Arena, would be sad to see the team go.

  • Winging it in Motown offers up their series breakdown, and touches upon the other NHL action as well.
  • Who knew our rivals in Chicago would be good for something? Mike Babcock said that the Blackhawks rout of Vancouver in Game 4 provided all of the motivation the team needed on Wednesday.
  • The Nightmare on Helm Street has their first round breakdown, noting that for Shane Doan, “The second round probably sounds more unattainable to him than Megan Fox is to me.”

What did the Red Wings victory mean for fans? Well, in addition to moving on to the second round of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, no guy will be faced with the following scenario on Friday night. This tremendous entry to our ‘Create Your Moment’ viral video contest, was submitted by Robb Swiatek!


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