Free Agency Sound Off

On Sunday, we took to our Facebook page looking for your thoughts on free agency thus far. Here are some of the many responses we’ve received from our loyal fans. If you’d like to add your own, feel free to include them in the comments.

Note: Responses have been edited for readability.

Loving the Ian White signing. I think he’ll fit the Wings system very well. Mike Commodore should help provide some grit and size, which should help the team out a lot, and he’ll drop the gloves, which is always good. Drew Miller is a good fourth liner and Patrick Eaves should continue to step up and play with the third line. I don’t know about Jonathan Ericsson’s contract and I don’t think he’s worth it based on his play last season. I think it is obvious Ken Holland is expecting him to take another step forward and looking at how much he improved his game last year, I think that is possible.

Seth Kalis – Lansing, Michigan

This year’s free agency period is simple to figure out. An underwhelming free agent class, combined with a rising salary cap and floor means that players will be getting more than their value. Teams that are looking to improve via free agency this year had more money to spend and fewer options to spurge on. Low supply, high demand.

Cody Bivins – Ypsilanti, Michigan

I spent the entire 2011 postseason screaming the same thing at the TV. “Where’s the defense?” So when I heard we had picked up guys like Mike Commodore, even after the bad blood between him and Mike Babcock, and Ian White from the Sharks, I felt my prayers had been answered.

The biggest difference between the playoff runs in the 90’s and now for the Red Wings was the ability to shut anyone down in the third while continuing their offensive prowess at a whim, which fell by the wayside in San Jose this year. I am glad to see the Red Wings are willing to invest in their younger players, like Drew Miller (Go Green!) and Patrick Eaves, especially after Ville Leino completely turned the tide for the Flyers in the 2010 playoffs.

Emery – East Lansing, Michigan

I personally think that the large number of free agent transactions in the NHL within the past couple of days will really add some spice to the league next season, particularly with the many moves made by the Flyers and Panthers, as well as the signing of Brad Richards in New York. The only problem that I really have is that all of the league’s big moves seem to be based in the Eastern Conference.

Mick Whitcomb – Millbury, Ohio

The biggest story of free agency so far is the complete makeover of the Flyers. They lost two franchise players, but they regained enough skill in the proven, veteran Jaromir Jagr, and more importantly, goaltending in Ilya Bryzgalov that will make them contenders next year.

I also believe that Washington, with additions like Joel Ward, Jeff Halpern, Roman Hamrlik and Tomas Vokoun, has the ability to improve upon their poor playoff performance and may be the team to beat in the East next year.

Chris Lepisto – Hancock, Michigan

There are bargains to be had and the top GMs (like our man Kenny) are landing them, but ultimately too many teams are overpaying. The Capitals in particular have thrown away millions at unproven players, while the Wings have been able to land the coveted puck moving defenseman for a very reasonable price.

Prashanth Iyer – Chapel Hill, North Carolina


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23 Responses to Free Agency Sound Off

  1. Tim Kamen says:

    For the Wings, I am on the fence a bit. I like the pickups on D as we It all depends on what version of RS they are runningneeded it, but I still really think we need to get another Goalie who can stand his own alongside Howie. You guys should have jumped on Vokoun while you still had a chance. Ozzie was good in his Prime, but I just don’t see him making any impact in today’s game. As for MacDonald, don’t get me started. Ship him out of the organization or back to Grand Rapids. Howard cannot do it all on his own and we need someone reliable to play alongside him (not behind him) that can share the workload so he can stay healthy and energized. That way we can get Nick one more Cup before he hangs up the skates for good. Emery I think would be a decent fit as well so it might not be a bad idea to take a peak at him while we still can.

    I am glad to see Eaves and Miller get reupped, but not Ericsson. I think we gave him more than enough time to prove his own and at first during his Rookie season he seemed like he had a lot going for him and could be a great asset to the team, but he progressively got worse each year thereon out. It’s disappointing to see someone of his size and stature be so timid on the ice. He needs to use his God given talents and size and put them to work. Don’t be afraid to throw the body a bit more instead of backing off. Those are just my thoughts and opinions thus far. Keep up the good work Kenny and the Wings. The 2011-2012 Season cannot come quick enough!

    • Tim Kamen says:

      Disregard “It all depends on what version of RS they are running”. I was replying to an IM at the same time I was typing this and the two must have crossed paths a bit. LOL!

    • Cody says:

      Vokoun would’ve been ideal, but I doubt he would’ve signed somewhere where he wasn’t guaranteed the number one spot.

  2. T. Roy says:

    I don’t know how many times I have said this in the last week. The ‘D’ position is by far the hardest position to learn. If or when Ericsson gets it right, he will be huge for the Wings. I see him as a Jiri Fischer, who by the way was still learning it. You are not going to get a Lidstrom fill that empty spot ever time it needs to be filled. If the kid gets some time in with Lidstrom, or Kronwall, he will be a Wing for a long time. Patients folks, patients.

  3. ralph allocco says:

    what about mike modano and kiss draper what are they going with them down the road they need both of them

  4. daryl johnson says:

    Like the signings of everyone but Eriksson no way is he worth 3.25 a yr. I think if Raffi hadn’t retired,Eriksson would be gone.

  5. Cody says:

    I’m Famous!

  6. Wingnut2312 says:

    Ok, I get that there wasn’t much there and the Wings management did the best they could. I actually like Ericsson, but 11 million for three years! If we couldnt find someone better or if Holland really had match an.offer from another team to keep him, then so be it. But if you’re telling me that 11million couldn’t get us Richards, then WOW! That’s like paying Inge because, well seemingly just because.
    Either way, you can’t second guess 20 consecutive years of playoff appearances nor can you say that the team is in danger of not being a cup contender. Hopefully this sad excuse for a free agency will allow more ice time for our young players. SO HAPPY LIDSTROM IS RETURNING!

  7. Aaron W says:

    Although the recent acquisitions of Commodore and White have strengthened our D unit since Rafi left, we still have not replaced Rafi’s scoring output. Additionally, with looking at the realistic possibility that we might have to replace Lidstrom next summer, the ’12 UFA defensive class in my opinion is underwhelming, along with the RFA’s. There are however currently some great RFA availible right now, and of better caliber then next year. Not only do we need to replace Rafi’s point production, but look to replace Lidstrom because he will not be able to play forever…..Keith Yandle and Shea Weber are available currently as RFA, and are the best defenseman available, we should try to acquire at least one of them.

  8. Prashanth Iyer says:

    Interesting how divided people are on the Capitals offseason acquisitions. I personally feel that signing a player that has never scored more than 17 goals in a season to a 4 years $12 million contract is asinine. Throw in the fact that they added a 37 year old defensemen that turns the puck over at a very high rate in his zone for $7 million over 2 years is another head-scratcher. Jeff Halpern is a decent faceoff man and will be important for the Capitals in those crucial situations, but other than that, Halpern has not scored more than 30 points in the last 3 years and has more PIM’s than points over that span. Vokoun is the only player that is a real threat to help that team, and a $1.5 mil for 1 year he was a steal. But I’ve noted this before. His physical athletic is a style that you don’t see holding up for goalies more than 10 years, with the one major exception being Dominik Hasek. Tim Thomas has spent only 5 years in the NHL and has already had to have a major hip surgery. Vokoun hasnt shown signs of cracking yet, but at 35 years of age, if this is the season he cracks, the Capitals will be forced to rely on the Holtby-Neuvirth tandem

  9. Jason Zao says:

    I’m happy that the Wings re-signed Miller and Eaves, but we really need to sign Filppula. I was surprised that Meech wasn’t signed. Mike Commodore ian White seem to be a good additions. We needed a right handed shots on defense to replace Rafalski. But do we keep Salei? Goalies are slim pickens now. Yeah, We should have sign Vokoun when we had the chance. Conklin and Turco or keeping Osgood seem to be the only option. Personally I think it’s time for Osgood and Draper to retire.

  10. John Wright says:

    I second the idea of going after Weber. If you look at the 2012 RFA and UFA situation: it’s depressing. Waiting until next year to get ONE offensive-defenseman to replace the greatest d-man aside from Bobby Orr as well as Raffy (because you still haven’t replaced his point production) is pretty hopeless. Lids is all that remains of a long history of potent scorers from the blue line.

    You gotta make a move now! Or be prepared to trade some serious assets (Franzen or Filpulla+Helm) AND draft picks to get him.

    • John Wright says:

      I think you gotta do whatever it takes right now to stabilize the defense for years to come. If it means offering the max (which means unloading some salary), then do it. If it means trading a core player like Franzen (injury questions, streaky), do it. If it means handing over draft picks too, do it. Either Weber or Yandle are already better than any of our draft picks are likely to ever be so it doesn’t matter.

  11. I died a l little when we re signed Ericsson.

  12. Matt says:

    So far the free agent signings of Commodore and White were truly the way of the Wings. Not spectacular players, but ones that get the job done in the trenches, and true team minded players. The re-signing of Ericsson, especially for a $3 mil cap hit, is absurd. Other than his size, he brings mediocre talent to the ice, at best. Knowing we have Commodore, White, Lidstrom, Kronwall, Kindl and Stewart manning the back end now, Ericsson should be used as trade bait!! (As I write this, I read that Kaberle just signed a 3 year deal with Carolina for $1 mil per year more than that of Ericsson .. um, really???)

  13. Jane says:

    Sorry to say so, but Ericson isn’t worth 3.25, he’s not even worth a nickle. Every time the kid touches the puck, he turns it over. He’s a great fighter, but so are plenty of other younger players who would love to play for much much less, and they might be able to keep possession.

  14. T. Roy says:

    Half of you morons don’t have a clue about the game or out of season signings. No f#*king clue.

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