Fans Sound Off: Draper and Osgood

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On Friday, we took to our Facebook page looking for your thoughts on the tough decisions facing Ken Holland on the future of Chris Osgood and Kris Draper. It’s hard to find two more loyal, dedicated members of the organization, so as expected, responses were numerous and passionate.

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorites.

Note: Responses have been edited for readability.

I say bring them back for one more year. Long time fans recognize the value of character that Kris Draper and Chris Osgood bring to the team, even if they’re not going to play in many games. We didn’t see a lot of Osgood last season due to injuries, but the impact of his presence in terms of Howard’s maturity and ability to keep it together under pressure was evident.

Draper is in better shape than many players, regardless of age, not to mention much wiser and more experienced. He’s a contributor whenever his skates hit the ice. There is no question in my mind that he should be brought back

Julie Petrocelli

Heck yeah, the Red Wings should bring back Kris Draper and Chris Osgood. Even when Osgood wasn’t playing for us, he still was my favorite player. Draper is valuable player and would definitely leave a large hole were he not to return.

Elaine B. Hendrickson

You asked our thoughts on bringing Draper and Osgood back. Here are some of mine.

Draper would be safe to re-sign at a low price. He still wants to be in the game and is working hard for the chance to come back. Although he hasn’t put up big numbers, he could prove to be useful on a limited basis and add leadership during the playoffs.

Osgood, due to injuries, probably isn’t worth bringing back. I would feel more comfortable with having Joey MacDonald as a full time backup, or someone like Ray Emery, because if he can stay healthy, he could be able to challenge for that number one spot and push Jimmy Howard to be better.

James Stooshinoff

From Ozzie’s fight with Roy, to his stand out performance in 2008, Draper’s awesome years on the grind line, to the Stanley Cup titles both have brought, these will never be forgotten.

But there is a new breed coming through and time doesn’t last forever. It may be time for these two men to sit back, have a brew and watch the next generation do their thing.

Aaron Ryan – Your biggest Aussie fan!

In regards to our thoughts of re-signing Kris Draper and Chris Osgood to the 2011-2012 season, I offer only one word: a proud and resounding YES.

Perhaps there’s a bit of a personal bias there, as number 33 has been my hero for as long as I can remember, but Drapes I know is at least actively pursuing another season. Despite all the naysayers who keep telling him to retire, Kris really wants to play. He just needs Holland to give him the chance. And with the Captain returning to lead yet again, more veterans (who are seasoned in experience and also working with each other as a team) under his command would be helpful to our success, not detrimental. The more leadership our new draft picks and selections have to follow by example, the better.

The teams who play together, win together. And our Wings have proven to be a force to reckon with when our lines can be interchangeable. Every player works well with every player. There are always some combos that work better (EuroTwins, anyone? Or in the past, the Production Line, the Grind Line, etc, you know what I’m talkin’ about), but when any players out on the ice can communicate to their fellows and feel out plays on the go, that’s where we’re going to see the best results. I understand the argument about getting newer, younger legs on our roster, but don’t get rid of good vets to make room for all new guys.


Alex Hudson

Kris Draper and Chris Osgood have been two very loyal members of the organization. However, both have reached a stage where they are faced with the decision to retire. Ultimately I think they must show their loyalty by letting the future run its course. Osgood’s injury history is a concern, but the Red Wings need a reliable goaltender who can back up Jimmy Howard. Kris Draper is a great leader, but unfortunately that would put the Wings in a difficult position as they might lose one of their more valuable, younger players.

Greg Kellogg

Didn’t see your take in the blog post? Feel free to offer it in the comments below.


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19 Responses to Fans Sound Off: Draper and Osgood

  1. JEN says:


  2. they suck says:


  3. Gord says:

    I think both players should be brought back along with another vetern presence of kirk multby all these gues have ever done since joining the wings have done was bleed sweat the red and white of the detroit red wings since joining the club.

  4. kevin says:

    SOUND OFF: If you were Ken Holland, do you bring Kris Draper and Chris Osgood back for the 2011-12 season?

    I have mixed thoughts on This Subject: I Like both Chris Osgood and Kris Draper,They Are Fantastic People as well as Hockey Players,BUT… Chris Osgood Has Not Played Much in the last couple years,His last Time that he played Good was When we Won The Cup in 2008,since then he has had this reocurring Groin Issue,Then He had The Surgery and Still Having Issues with his Groin…Sorry Ozzie but I Think It is Time To Hang it up and Retire..In my opinion I feel Like Kris Draper can still hang with the young Kids comming up in the Red Wings Organization…BUT… I think it is Time For New Young Talent and We Need To Move Forward and Not Backwards..For The Last 2 years We have been Knocked out of The Playoffs in the 2nd Round By San Jose Sharks… I know We Need Fresh New Defense and a Good backup Goalie ,nothing against Joey Mac Donald…Hopefully Ken Holland Picks Up Ty Conklin …I am Not Trying To Upset anyone or Piss them off .But I think Ken Holland Should Let Draper and Ozzie Go…SORRY BOYZ

  5. Drapes I say hell yes to. Osgood, while a good goaltender when it comes to the pressure of the playoffs, his injury factor is of concern to me and I say a big fat NO on bringing Osgood back. He has run his course. Let the guys like McCullom, McDonald and Pearce show what they are made of.

  6. Len says:

    Yes, let them play another year!

    – Kris is probably in a better shape than some guys that are 10 years younger than him. He works out every day. Cattlebells, cardio, etc. His value is beyond the bench and locker room.
    – Ozzie – I’ll take my man Osgood vs. Ray Emery, who also had a surgery last year. Plus, people forget the game with the Blues last season when McCullom and McDonald showed they are not ready. Ty Conklin would be my second choice to back up Jimmy.

  7. Mike Wells says:

    I think both Ozzie and Drapes are safe resigns, they ony have a year or so left anyways. Why not let them finish their careers here in Detroit if all they want is one more season? They have both proven useful and valuable when it matters most. Ozzie can pass on the wisdom and NHL goaltending knowledge to Howard and MacDonald that he has gained from playing over the years, and playing along with goaltenders like Mike Vernon, and Dominik Hasek, and other goalies. He has also had the opportunity to learn from some of the best goaltending coaches in the game today. What more could you ask for in an excelent stanley cup winning veteran goalie to help with bringing your young upcoming goalies to where they need to be in order to win more championships? AS for Drapes, he brings the same thing to the table for the young fowards as Ozzie does for the two other goaltenders who are much younger. I say let them each come back, we have nothing to lose! Thank you Ozzie and Drapes for all your wonderful contributions to the Detroit Redwings Franchise, including helping bring home 4 stanley cups in 11 years.

    Mike Wells

    Livonia MI.

  8. Alex Hudson says:

    WAHOO!!! Seeing my comments up there wth all those other empassioned ones just made my night. I can’t wipe the grin off my face. Thank you, Hockeytown Blog. And as always: GO WINGS!!!!!! 😀

  9. Chris Osgood has been one of my all time favorite players but I think it is time for him to go. Jimmy Howard is the new Ozzie & deservedly should have that title. I think that Kris Draper deserves at least one more season. Osgood played just 11 games last season compared with Draper playing 47 – a little more than half the season. It will be sad to see either go but we all must retire someday I guess. Even though that is true we will have wonderful memories of the accomplishments both of these outstanding players have brought to our team!!!

  10. Brad says:

    I am a huge wings fan but it is a no brainer not to bring back either one of them. Yeah draper is a valuable veteran but we already have enough of those, we need younger guys and we need guys that can put up points draper barely puts up any as it is. He is just a floater like maltby was. being a grinder that checks just simply isn’t enough, maybe for a team like Florida it is but not for the best team in the NHL.

    As for osgood we should not bring him back either, he is way past his prime and played pretty badly last season and this is coming from a guy who thinks osgood is one of the greatest goalies of all time. Not to mention all the injuries, he has had to battle injuries every season for a couple years now and hes just not the great goalie he used to be.

  11. Nicole says:

    If I were to be in Ken Hollands shoes, I would definitely bring back both of them. Yes, sounds like an astonishing statement, but both Draper and Osgood have helped the Wings in some sort and fashion. Draper, 40 years of age, is still going. He’s the player that works out in the gym consistently, thriving to make himself stay in shape, so that he is able to play a good game of hockey. He has mentioned to the Red Wings association and to Holland that he doesn’t want to play hockey anywhere else, but Detroit. Though he didn’t necessarily have great numbers and records during the 2010-2011 season and playoffs, he was firm, encouraging to his younger teammates, he kept the puck moving, and never gave up. Now onto Chris Osgood. He is another player who is a bit older. He was out much of last year with injury’s that kept him out of the net and playing his best game. He was a member of the Wings when we won the Stanley Cup in 1997, 1998, and 2008. Also, he has attended NHL All-Star games, and has won 400 games. Yes, the Wings could pick up Conklin or any other free-agent goaltender who could be consistent, but Osgood belongs in Detroit. He has accomplished so much in Hockeytown. I know a lot of fans won’t agree with me, but there is something about him that makes me get the shivers. However, if he were to get re-signed, he needs to really step up his game and be prepared to takeover during the intense, important, and ordinary games. He can’t just come into a game and not own the net and not play a good game, he’s got to work hard. I believe in both Ozzy and Drapes. They both have experience, they are basically mentors to the ‘younger’ players, they make a Red Wings game that much more pleasurable to watch…….

  12. Edd Austin says:

    Thanks guys .. it was fun! Now let’s move on … Draper has already been replaced in the lineup by the likes of Helm, Eaves, Miller and Abdelkader. Any or all of those guys have a more accurate shot and will find the net more often than Draper ever did. Draper was a nice guy, hard worker and will be given a team position doing something in the training room. good Luck! Ozzie should stop now \. Yes he got to 400 wins last year but have we forgotten how painful it was to get him there? How many games did he give away and lose with bad play before the team could get him to that milestone? All those losses cost home ice advantage against San Jose in the playoffs – and probably cost the series (game 7 would have been different in Detroit). We need a backup goaltender who can step in and consistently give the team a chance to win those games. Ozzie is not that goalie. Conklin played well in Detroit and the guys played well in front of him. I say he’s worth a try again.

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  14. Edgar says:

    As much as these guys mean to the Wings it’s time for them to step aside. Draper should be asked to stay on as a conditioning coach because he knows what hard work can overcome in this league. Ozzie, I just think that he would be a great commentator.

  15. politicalgraffiti says:

    Wings are getting old and tired…we haven’t been too convincing in the 2nd round of playoffs. If we are to even get to the 3rd round let alone to the finals…we need grit, skill and energy…Drapes may have some of that left in the tank, but we can’t keep playing it safe and comfy with familiar faces. In all honesty it was tough tenacious D that won us cups and that was lacking this last year with goals allowed way too high. I think we need a goalie who can truly compete for the starting job…Howard is good but he’s no Vernon or Hasek…Osgoods groin is too frail to allow him to compete for the long haul. There’s time to still shop around…but his team is still one notch below in terms of going deep into cup playoffs…we need at least one if not two new pieces.

  16. philo49855 says:

    Keep Drapes, but Ozzie is too injury prone lately. I like Joey Mac as a backup. It would also be nice to see Ray Emery as a backup as well.

  17. Mark P says:

    Actually if you look at the n umbers and ice time for Draper, he probably did as well or better than some of the players that have already been signed (eg. Jiri Hudler) yet he brings experience and skills that are better than a lot of the younger kids that are out there right now including those on the Red Wings team. Contrary to alot of what I read here I would like to see Draper with more ice time. I believe he could be a valuable asset both on offense and defense. Let’s not forget he plays with passion and tenacity every time he’s on the ice. In last years playoffs when Draper was on the ice and suited to play we won those games, then Babcock elected to replace him for later games and we lost. I believe signing him would be a good idea, he still has a lot to offer the team and his leadership skills and abilities are well worth his being a part of the organziation.

    On the other note, time for Ozzy to retire. He has not been able to put up the numbers that he has in the past and it’s not worth paying him the money to sit on the bench. He’s prone to injury and even when he’s healthy he isn’t able to produce as he has in the past. He’s definitely lost that edge and the money I believe can be spent more wisely somewhere else. In 98 he was great, but almost fourteen years later he’s just not that good anymore.

  18. Tmac says:

    As much as I appreciate everything Draper and Osgood have done for the Wings you cannot let a young player get released for a 40 year old Draper to return for 1 season. Not saying Emmerton will be better than Draper but I don’t want to see him flourish with playing time on another team because we went for one last hurrah in Draper. Natural progression is good for all teams and the Wings are no different.
    As far as Osgood goes I’m kind of indifferent on the whole thing. He just needs to assure the Wings of no freak injuries and I’m not exactly sure on how he might do that. My guess is they let Osgood retire and life will go on. Both players were great Wings but it’s time to move on people!

  19. Michael Pelto says:

    My faith in Ken Holland is unshakeable. This man knows what he is doing and his decisions this year are probably some of the most agonizing of his tenure. Whatever his decision is, it’s for the betterment of the team. My own opinions are torn as I can see the merit in everyone’s comments. I’m glad I’m not the one responsible for weighing these options. Draper and Osgood are two very certifiable Red Wings to the bone. It will be hard to lose them, should that be the case. Yet, I see a bright future for the Red Wings new stars with Ken Holland ‘manning the conn’. P.S. We miss you Stevie Y!

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