Your Chris Osgood tributes

Chris Osgood ... The man. The myth. The legend. Photo - NHLI/Getty

On Tuesday, we took to our Facebook page asking for your Chris Osgood tributes. Five lucky lyrical souls will walk away with an Ozzie mini-Fathead, but all of the responses touched our hearts.

Our contest winners:

Chris was a true Red Wing, sometimes great, always a great guy, forever a Red Wing. His name will forever be in the same breath with Terry Sawchuk and Roger Crozier, two of the greats. Mike Vernon’s Wingman one year, the leader the next. There were three great OZZY’s in my lifetime. Ozzy Osbourne, Ozzie Smith and Chris Osgood. The fans will never forget.

Mike Buchko – Redford, Michigan

Champion, role model, the truest example of team spirit a fan could ask for. It’s going to be a while before any active Red Wing means as much to me as Chris Osgood did, and an even longer before one’s retirement hits me so hard. I feel comfortable saying Ozzie represents everything the Red Wings stand for: modesty, not stardom; team success, not personal gain; playing your heart out every time, no matter what. My main Wing since I was seven and writing him a letter asking him to dinner. I’m 21 and still waiting for that dinner, Ozzie!

Alyssa Miller – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Every now and then, a person evolves into more than just an athlete, co-worker, etc…. Chris Osgood is that type of person. The hype about whether or not his numbers are Hall of Fame worthy is not, or never should be what qualifies Ozzie as a Hall of Famer. His character and ability to bring his teammates to another level in the playoffs are proof enough of his worth in the HOF. His teammates should be the tell-tale witnesses of his career.

Ron Pettengill – Interlochen, Michigan

For Red Wings fans of my generation, Chris Osgood is a name that goes up along Yzerman, Lidstrom, and Shanahan.  A great goalie whose solid, reliable play helped lead the Wings to multiple Stanley Cups.  It’s truly remarkable that his final cup victory came a decade after his first.  That is a consistency and longevity rarely seen in sports these days.  From his clutch playoff performances to his battles with Colorado to being in attendance for his 400th career victory, I will have numerous memories of Chris Osgood that will live on forever.  Ozzie!  Ozzie!  Ozzie!

Mike Scarlett – New Orleans, LA

I remember the first time I went to a Red Wings game. My dad told me the night before that we would be “Off to see the wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz” come 7:30 the next night. I never really understood what that meant until I got into sixth grade and sang the actual song, then became a hardcore Red Wings fan and realized just what a great goalkeeper and overall person fans got to see play for the last sixteen years.

Lisa Ivezaj – Rochester Hills, Michigan

The honorable mentions:

Christopher John Osgood is one of the best goalies the NHL has ever seen. He played his heart out for 16 seasons and every game he was in net was special. Ozzie you will always be remembered in my heart and the city of Detroit. Have a great retirement and thank you again for all the times you stood in front of the net and stood tall.

Jordan Gilliam – Canton, Michigan

My memories of Chris Osgood go as far back as the 1997 Stanley Cup championship team. I remembered tuning into watch Mike Vernon and Chris Osgood hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup in victory after such a long absence. In their run to the championship in 1998, I watched as Osgood was marvelous in goal and dominated that series. I surely think that with all his accomplishments, Chris Osgood should be inducted into the NHL Hall Of Fame. I salute your career Ozzie, you were one of the best goalies I have ever seen in my life!

Eric D. Pitcher – Kalamazoo, Michigan

There have been few events as utterly awesome as attending a playoff game in Joe Louis Arena, nervously watching the opposing team on an odd-man rush, holding your breath as they wind up to fire a shot at the net…

…and then being part of the 20,000 rabid hockey fans collectively, instantaneously, and without any prompting to erupt:


Greg Jones – Chicago, Illinois

A man that needs no introduction.
A hero to a city of destruction.
A legend to a team of winners.
A hero to a league of goaltenders.
You hear them chant Ozzy,
As he makes a flashy.
Never one to quit,
Always one to hit (Roy).
Hall of Famer indeed,
401 wins were not with greed.
In playoffs were his time,
Forever in the fans mind.

Adam Simpson – Toledo, Ohio

Growing up a Wings fan and a goalie I don’t think any player in the NHL has influenced me more than Chris Osgood. He made it cool to just wear my normal hockey helmet, instead of having to invest hundreds of dollars into a mask. Also I have a yellow lab, who is 13, also unfortunately approaching retirement, but we named him after Osgood, and he has lived up to the name. Thanks Ozzie, you’ll always be my favorite goaltender.

Evan Forster – Marysville, Michigan

Chris Osgood has been, is and will forever be a Detroit Red Wing. Even during his brief stints in New York and St. Louis, he was always donning the red and white in my eyes, and I think the same can be said for every Red Wings fan.

Of all the players that have worn that uniform, none have worn it as proudly as Ozzie. With the possible exception of Yzerman, no one has shown as much heart for this organization and for this city as Chris. I don’t think the announcement that he will remain with the Wings in the team’s front office came as a surprise to anyone in Detroit.

His stats? I’ll let the estimable Darren McCarty field that question:

Greg Melvin – Royal Oak, Michigan


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12 Responses to Your Chris Osgood tributes

  1. Rossco Soletrain says:

    One of the greatest Red Wings of all time. Thank you Ozzie.

  2. Tracy says:

    A Tribute to #30, ‘The Wizard of Oz’

    My all-time favorite NHL player and reason I began watching hockey in 1993…Chris Osgood, Ozzie. Amazing in goal, he was never flashy, but always had the team’s faith as he lead them to their second-straight Stanley Cup in 1998. Some thought the Wings were crazy for trading Vernon, but the Wings knew (and I knew) what Chris always knew…He was able and more than ready to show he could do the job. Being mentally tough in Hockeytown is a requirement to be a Red Wing goalie, & Ozzie had it in spades. Whether pummeling Roy, scoring a goal, making big saves, or hoisting the Cup, I have many great Ozzie memories to choose from. Thank you Chris, for being such a great goalie, a great Red Wing, and a great man!!

    Tracy Sproul – Lansing, MI

  3. Dave Chamberlain says:

    Chris, a great character with a huge heart and a great sense of humor. Thanks for all the effort, championships, a favorite of his teammates and working through all the pain and providing such great memories. You were always at your best in the big games and after many had written him off. This is one of the sadder days of my adult life to know that an amazing era is over. I will always remember when you took over for Hasek after 4 games and took Detroit to the Stanley Cup in 2008. I wish I had a few more years to cheer for you. Enjoy your retirement and all your accomplishments, you have earned them in one of the biggest pressure cookers there is – playing goalie for the Detroit Red Wings. You will be long remembered as a Detroit hero and and a hero to the every day working guy…

  4. Scott Wilcox says:

    To become what so few thought he could be, to be remembered with the legends of the past and to stand with the champions of the present. He failed once and he failed again… only to return, young wise, redeemed and legendary. It was his time, time for someone else to wonder why, time to sip victory from lord Stanley’s cup not once, not twice, but three times and bring glory to a city that in a time of need for heroes, Chris Osgood brought us one. You will be missed between the pipes… Thank you for everything!!!!

  5. Tim says:

    Much love and Respect to Ozzie, I will always remember him up there with Yzerman and Lidstrom and Shanny.

  6. Carla Dutkavich says:

    My husband is the reason I started watching hockey, Chris Osgood is the reason I fell in love with it. And by it I mean Chris himself. If he wasn’t playing I did not want to watch. It just wasn’t the same. He made the game come alive and when he blocked a goal I would be yelling cheers, and my husband would just laugh at me and say, “I thought you didn’t like sports”. My response was “I didn’t til I watched Osgood! I think that the good Lord knew that Chris would be good, why else put it in his name. But in my opinion ‘good’ is not a good enough adjective to describe the greatest hockey player of all time.

  7. Jeffrey Beckwith says:

    Chris, You are right up there with Gary Sawchuk as one of the best goaltenders in Detroit Red Wings history. 401 victories is fantastic,but there is no doubt in my mind you will be in the Hall of Fame. I know that when you retire from something you love to do it is not a decison you can make quickly, but you always know when it is the right time. You will be missed, but I know you give good instruction to future Red Wing goaltenders. Best to you in your immediate future. God Bless

  8. Ozzie will always stay in Red Wings’ fans hearts all over the world. I can prove it with my tribute to him at Russian-language blog “Red Wings Grinder”:

  9. Georgia Dupuis says:

    Thanks Ozzie for all the Years and the Heart that you always showed on and off the ice. I will always Treasure meeting this Wonderful Man. What a gift that was. And to see him on the ice was a beautiful thing. Hope to see you at the Joe .. Hall OF FAMER NO DOUBT. Thanks Ozzy .
    Georgia D

  10. Jeff Tardiff says:

    I remember how young he looked when he first got here! Always loved the Ozzie chant! Thanks for the many great memories !! You will be missed by all Detroit hockey fans!

  11. Georgia Dupuis says:

    This is something I wrote for Ozzy.
    The Man Behind the Mask
    He stand in his crease ready to defend.
    There are other on the ice trying to offend.
    Holding his goalie stick in hand ready,
    While teammates on the ice move the puck away
    He gets his chance at the puck, shoots it to one them
    For whatever reason, they might not be ready.
    The man behind the mask ALWAYS takes the blame,
    Although not always recognized for those he did save
    Or the fights he didn’t have.
    This man should be recognized,
    To thank-you Ozzy, for all you did the team
    When I met you for the first time at the joe ,
    Your Heart came shining througth
    The same HEART you play with every game
    For your the man behind the mask.
    That man is 30 in a Red Wing Jersey:
    We need to say “Thank you! to this man
    For the class he shows is one of a TRUE CHAMPION.
    Written and copy righted in 2001
    Georgia Dupuis

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