YouTube = Heaven for Hockey Fans

One of the more dangerous aspects of my job is trying to avoid the wonderful world of YouTube.

NHL team sites are big on video, as they should be. We have the greatest supporters in the world and their demand for new, unique content is at an all time high. Still, YouTube is the black hole of procrastination for any hockey fan. One click can lead to hours of wasted time thanks to a library of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada opens, highlight reel goals, broadcasters who take homerism to a new level, epic fights, and those on-ice and on-air gaffes.

The site is pathologically addicting with a plethora of videos for every team at every level.

And it is one of the best promotional tools our sport has to offer.

Why should you be a YouTube fan?


For a die-hard hockey fan, and its stellar YouTube library is the Rocky Marciano of the web: undefeated, undisputed and unchallenged. You can find almost any scuffle from the last few seasons on the site, all searchable by year, player and team. After all, how many YouTube accounts have 150 million views to their name?

Search Ken Daniels on YouTube and 741 results pop up, which speaks more to his professionalism than his viral capability. Do the same search for Mickey Redmond and this is the very first thing that appears, classic Mickey at his very best.

No hockey broadcaster is as popular, or as widely scrutinized on YouTube as Jack Edwards, who in my hockey dreams, will call a game with Redmond in the near future. Once upon a time, Edwards was a fixture on SportsCenter, now, he’ll compare playoff games to Revolutionary War battles, meaning you’ll want to pass U.S. history before watching one of his telecasts.

YouTube was made for Pavel Datsyuk, who yields over 4,000 breathtaking results with who knows how many dangles.


I’m a sucker for game presentation and CBC does a tremendous job in all elements of their production. There’s just something to be said about going back in history and seeing how the game looked, felt and sounded, without the added drama and presence of being in the moment. It’s one thing to be excited about the game on game day, but producing something that makes me want to drop the puck years later is awe inspiring.


Montreal has an introduction that’s unique to them; heartwarming, tradition-based and yet, with just enough glitz and glamor to really make it special. Still, there’s just something about Don Cherry calling Youppi, Loopi that cracks me up, especially since most have fallen in love with Grapes and his sometimes-loopy qualities.


You know how some things get better with age? Gordie Howe showing all of the dirty tricks used by older NHL players to Keith Olberman may be such an example.

What is your favorite hockey video on YouTube? Share your favorites in the comments below.


About Jake Duhaime

Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings
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