How about a bobbleMule?

You wanted Mule? You got him!

Johan Franzen took home the popular vote on Facebook and, becoming the second winner of ‘Operation Bobblehead.’ His likeness, in bobble form, will be given away to the first 7,500 fans in attendance when the Wings host Phoenix in December 8th.

Now the question is, will we see a clean-shaven Mule? A bearded Mule? Or the Mule face that we fell in love with following Game 2 of the Red Wings 2011 first round series against the Coyotes?

Fans can also pick which Red Wing will join Franzen, Pavel Datsyuk, Nick Lidstrom and Henrik Zetterberg in bobble fame, as voting for Round 3 is now live! Also of note, specially marked bobbles will be handed out, with the lucky recipients earning special VIP prizes, like a post game meet-and-greet.

(Think ‘Golden Tickets’ in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory)

The bobblehead giveaway schedule is as follows.

Thursday, October 13 vs. Vancouver – PAVEL DATSYUK (Presented by AT&T)
Thursday, November 3 vs. Calgary – HENRIK ZETTERBERG (Presented by DMC)
Thursday, December 8 vs. Phoenix – JOHAN FRANZEN (Presented by Amway)
Thursday, January 12 vs. Phoenix – Winner of Fan Vote #3
Thursday, February 23 vs. Vancouver – Winner of Fan Vote #4
Thursday, April 5 vs. New Jersey – NICKLAS LIDSTROM

We’ve also gone back to the more traditional ‘Facebook questions’ polling after using a third-party app that was prompting users for their information in order to vote. There was nothing wrong with the platform, but we understand that some users feel uneasy handing it over. We hope this adjustment helps you rock the vote over the final two weeks of ‘Operation Bobblehead.’


About Jake Duhaime

Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings
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One Response to How about a bobbleMule?

  1. Doug Fox says:

    They should make sure his bobble-head has the stitches, butterfly bandage and a bloody face….then it would be epic.

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