How do we get better on social media in 2011-12?

Over the weekend, we asked fans how we could do a better job on social media during the 2011-12 season. Your suggestions were numerous, with some GREAT ideas. The purpose of this blog post is to address some of them individually, providing you with a better understanding of what we’re able to do, and what we may not be able to do over the next few months.

More Contests and Autographed Memorabilia
Yes! Yes! YES! YES! YES! This is absolutely in the pipeline. We’ve spent a good chunk of the offseason working with our corporate partners on building unique, interactive experiences and contests for our fans with some AMAZING perks for you!

Last season, we decided to utilize Red Wings TV for locker room reaction after games. In 2011-12, the social media team will start posting highlights the morning after a Red Wings victory.

Get the players to start Tweeting
Mike Commodore (@Commie22) should provide a new perspective for fans during the 2011-12 season. That being said, we understand that worthwhile follows on Twitter are not force fed, but organically grown. The hope is that others will see the positive nature of Commodore’s interactions and start to Tweet on their own.

Follow DRW players, alumni and prospects on Twitter here.

More behind the scenes
Fans loved seeing the behind the scenes experience captured on HBO’s Penguins – Capitals 24/7, and we understand the need for this type of content. Being able to watch Sidney Crosby interact with teammates over PSP on the team plane was something that stood out. It was also something I was able to see on Red Bird II, as Jimmy Howard and Chris Osgood would go toe-to-toe on Tiger Woods for XBOX360. The hope is that as my relationships with our players evolve, this content will naturally get better.

Promote online feeds
Yahoo and VERSUS did a good job at providing out-of-market feeds for U.S. fans through their ‘Game of the Night’ in 2010-11. We know this doesn’t satisfy everyone, especially those local fans that don’t have cable. While we encourage fans to find the game by any means necessary, we’ve got to stay hush-hush on feeds that aren’t exactly legal. That being said, 97.1 FM does stream all of the games on radio with Ken Kal and Paul Woods, who both do an outstanding job on the broadcast.

Posts from the players
We’ll see if Danny Cleary’s bobblehead campaigning sparks a bevy of Facebook posts from members of your Detroit Red Wings. It was very cool on this end to see him promote the page on Mojo in the Morning and on Red Wings TV.

The Red Wings on Google+
We’re watching the Google+ developments closely! From all reports, it seems as if it is only a matter of time before there are similar ‘fan’/’business’ pages on the platform. Once that happens, we’ll see what features exist, the best ways to activate and serve our fans, and approach the situation from there.

Jake Duhaime is the Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings. You can follow him at @jakeduhaime.


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Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings
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One Response to How do we get better on social media in 2011-12?

  1. Pam Szymanski says:

    Love the text messages, wish there were more, not so much with the score, but just what is going on. You are so much farther ahead than the other pro team in Detroit – Thanks

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