Babcock, Lidstrom transcripts

Transcripts from this morning’s media availability with Mike Babcock and Nick Lidstrom regarding the tragic plane crash in Russia.

What can you tell us about the news out of Russia this morning?
“I’ve heard everything that you’ve heard and all of the speculation but we’ve had no confirmation on anything. I know that Brad was on the flight but that’s all I know.

Obviously it’s been a tough day around here and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and we’re very concerned. We know his kids well. He’s a good man and was a real big part of our organization here so we’re hoping we’ll get good news.”

When did you first hear about the crash and have you spoken with Brad’s family at all?

“I went to Brad’s house with my wife this morning and they weren’t there. I received quite a few calls as you can imagine throughout the morning so I did some checking on my own to confirm whether he was on the flight or not.”

There was a report that Ruslan might have already been in Minsk at the time of the crash
“That’s just speculation so I can’t comment on that. We’re all hopeful.”

Talk about Ruslan as a player and as a person
“He’s a great guy. A family guy. We’re all hopeful he wasn’t on the flight. He was a big part of our team here and a big part of our team out in Anaheim when we had good years there. His family meant a lot to him and I sent him home, I don’t know how many times, to see his family. We’re all praying and we’re hopeful at this time that they’re both fine.”

What can you tell us about the news out of Russia this morning?
“I was told (about the crash) this morning when we were in here (Red Wings locker room) working out. Pavel (Datsyuk) came in and said that there was a plane that went down somewhere in Russia and the Lokomotiv team was on there. That’s pretty much all we know so far.”

Have you heard any specifics on the crash?

“No. I saw some pictures online of the plane wreckage but as to why or how it went down, I haven’t heard anything about that.”

Do you know for sure if Brad and Ruslan were on board?
“We haven’t heard any confirmation about who was on the plane or anything like that yet, or what happened exactly, just speculation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of everyone involved and obviously we’re hoping for the best but we haven’t heard anything for sure yet.”

How’s the team feeling right now?
“The team is feeling pretty down after hearing what happened this morning. We were just about to step on the ice when Pavel came in and told us what had happened. It’s pretty quiet in there (the locker room) right now.”

Tell us what’s special about Brad and Ruslan from your time together with them

“They’re both special in their own ways. Rusty (Salei) was a team player who played well for us and Beast (McCrimmon) I’ve known for a long time. He was my (defensive) partner my first year in the league over here and he was my roommate too so I got to know him real well. He helped me out a lot my first year over here and when he became an assistant coach for us I thought he brought a lot of valuable experience that helped us. I thought he was really good with the defense, especially the younger guys, and everyone learned a lot from him.”

Did it surprise you when Brad went to the KHL to coach?
“I know he wanted to be a head coach, to see what it was like running his own team, so he decided to do that in Russia and we all wished him well when we heard the news. It was what he felt he had to do to move up in his coaching career.”

How big of a loss is this for the hockey world?

“I think it’s a huge loss for the hockey world, something like this happening… It’s very tragic.”

Brad seemed like one of those guys who always had a smile on his face, always looking on the bright side of life

“Yeah, he’s a happy-go-lucky guy who brought a lot of positive energy to the rink. I thought he was a great assistant coach for us. He really helped out a lot of the younger d-men and encouraged them when things weren’t going their way. I thought he was a great mentor for them.”

What did you learn from Brad as a young NHL defenseman?

“He was more of a stay-at-home defenseman so that gave me the opportunity to jump up in the play and be a part of the offense. He was my partner every game in my rookie year and he was a stable, steady defenseman. He also protected me in certain situations when things got a little heated so he was a great partner to have.”

It seemed that Ruslan really missed his family during his lone season in Detroit

“Yeah, I think it was hard on him, being away from his family last year and he made a lot of trips back to California to see them. I know it wasn’t easy on him but he loves playing hockey and that’s why he wanted to be here and be a part of our team.”


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