Tweeting at 30,000 feet

Last season, we didn’t have any players that used Twitter.

This season, we’ve got a pair, three when Brendan Smith is up with the big club.

And after Saturday’s win over Minnesota, someone put the three players on our club that use Twitter next to each other on a team plane with Wi-Fi. Hilarity ensued.

KEY – @CEmmer 48 – Cory Emmerton; @Commie22 – Mike Commodore; @BSSmith7 – Brendan Smith. (All photos were included in the Tweets themselves)

CEmmer48 @commie22 this is what you call efficient flying #veteran #beauty

Commie22 @cemmer48 is pissed off everyone on the plane has been served dinner but him … #justsoup #gonnalose it

Commie22 haha …suck on that @cemmer48 RT @TheRealADT: Must be the free bowl of soup he got with that shirt. Wow! Rookies.

Commie22: I skipped dinner. #KeepitTight @cemmer48 calls shirt salmon. RT @distaff @commie22 u going to share your din with your pink shirted friend?

Commie22: Check out @bssmith7 hair … burning through the hair gel #keepitSlick

BSSmith7: @Commie22 just jealous of my flow cause he can’t grow the fro back anymore.

Commie22: RT@bssmith7 @Commie22 just jealous of my flow cause he can’t grow the fro back anymore.

Commie22: I think it’s a coloring book. RT @AngryFan @Commie22 What’s @Cemmer48 reading? Game notes?

CEmmer48: @Commie22 I wish it was a colouring book. I would colour the s*** out of it. Yes, I am Canadian, I use a u in colour.

Twitter is a bird right? In this case, Tweeting was more or less ‘chirping’, a skill hockey players, by birth, are good at.

It doesn’t end there, because Commodore was the only player at the Joe on Sunday for a solo workout.

Commie22: Wings day off…solo at the joe..gym, boot, nfl redzone … #liveatthejoe

Commie22: Who needs some hockey gear? Everything in this stall is available. #discountprices

Commie22: I can’t find them … he must take them home. RT @YeezyTaughtYou @Commie22 no coloring books for @CEmmer48

Commie22: Hahahaha…I like it RT @Waffleboard: @Commie22 dunno if Emmerton has a nickname yet, but if not, it has to be Crayola

CEmmer48: Look on twitter today to find out that @Commie22 has my equipment up for sale, here’s hoping I still have some left tomorrow or do I?

Commie22: @CEmmer48 All that’s left is a jock strap and 1 shin pad … #Imade50buckstoday

Commie22: Don’t use it as a #GasMask Now you just have 1 shin pad. RT @katedagreat @Commie22 @CEmmer48 I’ll take the jock strap for $4.63.

CEmmer48: @Commie22 Glad ya had a good day at the office at my expense. Gonna be tough to explain to Pauly (Boyer) tomorrow #thisguy I tell ya #badnews

You’ve got to love social networking. Now our fans are privy to this inside joke, which broke out at 30,000 feet on the team plane.

About Jake Duhaime

Social Networking Manager for the Detroit Red Wings
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3 Responses to Tweeting at 30,000 feet

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  2. You guys have way too much fun 😉

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