Locker Room Comments – October 26th

Thought I lost this when my browser malfunctioned. It’s still worth posting.

Locker room comments following practice on October 26th. Thanks to Rich Curbelo, friend of the Hockeytown Blog for gathering the audio and winning the battle of the scrum.

Niklas Kronwall on his game day rituals
“I always eat a good breakfast in the morning with oatmeal and some eggs. Then I come down here to the rink, skate, stretch, go for lunch, take a little bit of a nap, just relax at home and then eat some more oatmeal before I head back down here about 2.5 hours before the game. Then I make sure the sticks are ready and start warming up with some two-touch and the bike. I just get ready to go from there.”

Do you get fired up at all? Are there things you like to watch or listen to beforehand?
“It’s not like I watch any typical shows or anything like that. I think you just try to, in the morning, you go through their lineup and see who you are playing against, what their tendencies are and go through the game in your head little bit before you come down to the rink.”

Jimmy Howard on being a dad
“It was sort of a whirlwind and he arrived at 2:52 on Sunday afternoon, it’s been a great couple of days for my family.”

“James Russell Howard the IV. I’m the third, so a little bit of a legacy there.”

“Everything’s good. I brought my wife and child home last night around 5:30 and had our first night as a family at home. So it’s good. Her mom comes in today. My mom has been in the last couple of days, so it’s nice to have family around.”

“I’m sure there’s going to be an adjustment period, like I said, my mom’s in town right now, my wife’s mom is coming in today, and they’re going to be around to help us out, allowing me to get sleep the night before games.”

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1 Response to Locker Room Comments – October 26th

  1. T. Roy says:

    Congratulations Jimmy and family. Take a lot of pictures. They grow up to fast.

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