Christy Hammond studies Sport Management and Communication Studies at the University of Michigan. She has been a life long fan of all Detroit sports, but the Detroit Red Wings have a special place in her heart. Christy works as an intern with the Detroit Red Wings public relations and the University of Michigan athletic department’s office of media relations. Christy blogged for Behind the Jersey before launching Winging It In Motown on the SBN (SportsBlogs Nation) hockey blog.

Michael CaplesMichael Caples studies journalism with an emphasis on sports writing at Michigan State University. He is a life long hockey player and fan, and an avid baseball, golf, and college football fan. Michael works as an intern for the Detroit Red Wings’ new media department, contributing to, Red Wings TV, Inside Hockeytown Magazine.

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  1. Jim Sampson says:

    The Red Wings will not win the cup with mediocre goaltending. It sounds crazy, but trade a 3rd round draft choice for Curtis Joseph. It’s his last chance to win and it’s insurance between the pipes.

  2. Ian says:

    Great to be on here !

    I am a longtime Wings supporter(over 30 years) and have been real blessed to see some awesome hockey over the last 10 years in particular.
    This year if the Wings want to repeat as Champions they MUST get rid of one of their goalies(probably Osgood – seems finished) in a trade with Minnesota for Backstrom.
    Why not give Minny Leino,Osgood and a first round pick for Backstrom ?
    Honestly Nicklas Backstrom would bring Detroit the Cup once again.
    Would the Wild be crazy enough to make such a trade or even be interested in a washed up Ozzie ?

  3. Janice says:

    I’m outraged that tomorrow’s game is not being nationally televised! It’s not on Versus, NBC, anywhere that I can find. I’m in California, a HUGE Red Wing fan, and this is the semi’s. The is an outrage! What gives? Every other darn game this weekend is on Versus, and I’m fit to be tied!!!! I could give a rat’s ass about the rest of the teams if I can’t see the Red Wings. We hardly get any regular season Wings games out here as it is, and now this! Unbelieveable to the 10th power!!!!! Somebody do something!! Us Wings fans are a far bigger fan base than any other NHL team!!! I’m livid!!!!!!

    • doug says:

      I feel for you I am a Detroit native here in Cali myself.
      I had to switch to dish network so I could get the Verses games .
      You just need to get the hockey package.

    • Paul says:

      This is why you shell out the $$$ and but the Center ICe package at the beginning of the season. Otherwise it’s slim picking for Wings games unless they are playing a team from the coast. Yeah, they charge a bit much for the package but having access to every game of the regular season ends up being worth it in the end IMO.

  4. QA RAY says:

    Wa have taken the coveted BLUEJACKET from Columbus and wore it to Anaheim where we ate roasted DUCK in orange sauce.
    We then scalped the BLACKHAWK tribe from Chicago.
    We now await to feast upon chilled PENGUIN once again in Pittsburg on our way to drink from the LORDS CHALLIS.
    And LORD STANLEY’S CUP shall remain in HOCKEYTOWN.

    Ray Ursuy

  5. Mike Wells says:

    The Detroit Redwings will repeat as STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS, because it’s time for the NHL to bare witness to the REDWINGS RED REIGN!

  6. Aggie Michaelson says:

    (Call me slooooow…) Anybody out there fill me in on the (usual, not including ad-hoc change-ups) make-up of the four lines Babcock’s using against the P’s? And which of our defensemen are usually paired.

    Gooooooooooo Wings!

  7. David Kalosky says:

    It looks like every one is asleep that second goal by the penguins is not a goal several TV shots show that the puck hit the crossbar and bounced back over Osgoods shoulder, even the camera shot inside the net shows show it NO GOAL.

  8. Stan S says:

    As I have said before Howard is the future of the Redwings what a spectacular game against the Kings! Now we need to get Zetterberg and Pavel to start scoring again then once some of our player start to return look out! Go Wings!!!

  9. James says:

    Nice blog. Just thought you might be interersted to know that Chris Chelios was going to be in Saginaw this Sunday to sign autographs. There are more details on the Facebook event page here

  10. Badrina Kuhl says:


    My boyfriend and I are big fans of the Red wings. We went to the game Sunday April 18th, 2010. They lost but we were still hopeful that they will do better the next one. After the game, we wanted to see if we can get autographs from the team. It was very disappointing! Most of them, like Lindstrom, didn’t even akcnowledge the fans. They didn’t even stop or wave. The part that saddened me most was there was a man that was wheelchair bound. He looks paralegic with no legs. It was cold outside. He and his sons, age 10 – 11, have been waiting outside for almost 2 hours just like us. Hoping that the team will at least stop to give autographs. Some of them deliberately turned away rather than acknowledging us. For example, I know datsyuk saw this family because he vehicle stopped next to them. His kids was waving like crazy but he just left as soon as he gets the chance! Bertuzzi seem to be conered when he was stopped at the light. I was actually surprised that Bertuzzi gave an autograph to a fan but then like others DROVE OFF as quickly, as if we were some kind of plague. The ONLY team member that stopped to give autograph was Patrick Eaves. That was very sweet of him. He’d even got out of his car to take a picture with the man and his kids. We found our new fav player. The man with a heart. That was honorable of him to do that. At least, he appreciate us fans.
    I know you guys (the Red wings team) lost the game but we are YOUR fans! No matter how bad you are. We will always stand by you to cheer you on so please be respectful and caring to your fans because without us, YOU are just another hockey team on ice! You may be good but hey, so?

    very annoyed fan.


  11. Randy Stevenson says:

    I think Babcock should put Osgood into Game 4, he can’t do any worse than Howard. Howard needs to sit on the bench for a game to take notes, as he was the big reason they lost last night, very sloppy goaltending.

  12. Dan G says:

    I can’t believe Babcock is not benching Howard — this guy is a disaster. I was never a fan of Osgood, but even in his worst time he was better than Howard.
    Howard is the reason why the Wings had to work their butts off in 7th game in Phoenix, and even then he allowed that moronic goal, and he is also the reason why this great team is one game away from being swept out of the playoffs. I have to admit that the whole team stunk on Sunday, but that’s on the goalie needs to step up and save your butt.
    I would fire both Babcock and Howard…..

  13. DaniKenmir says:

    Hey I’m australian and LOVE the Red Wings, but we don’t get a whole lot of hockey over here… The plan is one day to go and watch a game…

  14. Morten says:

    hey detroit.
    I’m going to Detroit in January and see some hockey games.
    does anyone know if there is opportunity and meet players, I travel from Norway. ‘d be cool I mean.
    or if there is someone who will show me around a bit in detroit

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  16. Why did Tim the Toolman Taylor only have love for the Pistons and Lions and no love for the Red Wings and Tigers? Not cool bro. Not cool.

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